Boss Cleaning Equipment Tile & Grout Brush System - Model GB32

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Specially designed brush tool with 2 unique rows of bristles working with a powerful cleaning solution to help you inexpensively handle any difficult tile and grout cleaning challenge, particularly those in hard-to-reach areas.

Just squeeze a small amount of our cleaning solution onto the floor. Use the white bristles to scrub raised, textured or uneven tile, and, at the same time, cross over grout lines to loosen and remove dirt. The black bristles are extremely stiff and angled so they can reach deep into grout lines to aggressively remove stains and loosen embedded soil. Once you complete scrubbing the tile, simply attach the microfiber cleaning cloth to either brush to absorb any excess cleaning chemical and dry the tile.

Includes dual bristle brush, swivel grout brush with tapered bristles, telescoping handle and one bottle of our advanced formula tile and grout cleaning solution formula.


  • Heavy duty steel handle adjust up to any comfortable operating height. Just twist and slide the retractable telescopic handle to the desired height then just tighten it securely.
  • Swivel grout brush- for cleaning corners, hard-to-reach areas and grout lines with tough, embedded soil. Brush head pivots to allow for maximum flexibility. Angled brush with irregular bristle length cleans evenly and deeply into grout valley.
  • Tile and grout cleaner penetrates deep into all crevices on the tile surface and grout valley to remove stubborn dirt and restore the surface to like-new! This professional quality, organic based cleaner is ready to use and safe for adjacent non-tile areas such as carpeted, wood and laminate floors. No need to rinse after cleaning, just remove excess liquid using our microfiber floor cleaning towel.
  • Towel attaches easily to the Gloss Boss Renovation Brush to absorb excess cleaning solution. Can also be used for general surface cleaning and removal of fine dust and dirt particles. Commercial quality microfiber cloth is good for over 500 washings and cleaning jobs.

  • Quantity : 1 Each
  • Includes : Dual bristle brush, swivel grout brush, telescoping handle, and 1 bottle cleaning formula