Embr Wave® 2 Therapy Wristband, Rose Gold, 1/EA

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Clinical research has shown that wearing the Embr Wave® wristband gives you immediate relief from hot flashes and improves sleep. At the touch of a button, get precisely calibrated cooling or warming sensations to help you find relief and have more control over your hot flashes and related menopause symptoms like night sweats, chills, and disrupted sleep.

  • Hot flash relief.
  • At the press of a button, get precisely calibrated cooling or warming sensations for relief / comfort.
  • Side placement of buttons and lights allows discreet use of the Wave 2 anytime, anywhere
  • Fall asleep fast, stay asleep longer.
  • Black, stainless steel Milanese loop band similar to those accompanying Apple provide a discreet and stylish Design.

The Wave 2 fits wrists approx. 5.3"-9.3"(135-235 mm) in circumference.

Your Wave comes installed with our premium Milanese loop band, made of stainless steel and featuring an adjustable magnetic clasp. A magnetic charger in a matching finish is also included. Plug it in to any standard USB wall plug for a full charge in about 2 hours.

Use a soft cloth or soft-bristled toothbrush to wipe down your Wave® 2 on a regular basis. For tougher scuffs or marks, you can clean using a cloth or toothbrush that has been lightly dampened with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) or water. Please do not spray your Wave® 2 with running water. Use only a damp cloth, very lightly dampened, when cleaning around the buttons. The Wave 2® is water-resistant but not waterproof. That means it can survive being splashed by water, but you shouldn't submerge it or place it directly in water. Do not wear while swimming or showering.

Wave 2 contains components that do emit electromagnetic waves, with magnets in the charger puck and the Milanese loop band. These components with the magnet could potentially interfere with pacemakers, ICDs, or other medical devices. We recommend consulting with your physician and medical device manufacturer for information specific to your medical device and to stop using your Wave 2 if you suspect that it is interfering with your pacemaker, ICD, or any other medical device.

  • Quantity : 1 Each
  • Color : Rose Gold
  • Gender : Unisex
  • User : Adult
  • Dimensions : 1.7" Diameter (44 mm) x 0.6" Tall (15 mm)
  • Weight : 2.2 oz (63 g) with band/1.2 oz (35 g) without band
  • Application : Therapy Wristband for Hot Flashes / Sleep Therapy
  • UNSPSC Title : Patient identification and information products