Unger Sprayer-on-a-Belt Spray Bottle Kit, 33 oz, Gray/White/Translucent

$44.86 Each
Order 5+ and save $0.90 Each

Convenient kit enables hands-free carrying of cleaning and sanitizing solutions. Powerful, any-orientation sprayer features mist and jet settings. Easy-access holster keeps bottle in place until you need it. One-size-fits-all utility belt provides comfortable weight support. Color-coding decals allow you to label bottles for specific tasks.

  • Convenient hands-free carrying.
  • Powerful, any-orientation sprayer.
  • Easy-access holster.
  • Provides comfortable weight support.
  • Color-coding decals.

  • Material : Plastic
  • Capacity : 33 oz
  • Color : Gray/White/Translucent
  • Includes : five kits of one bottle, one sprayer, one belt, one holster and one set of color-coding decals each.