Franklin Floor Carpet Care

Since 1932 Franklin has built a reputation for quality, reliability and performance to the commercial cleaning industry. Franklin has the solution and the systems for all hard surface floors and carpet maintenance needs. Whatever your floor or carpet care needs, Franklin Cleaning Technology has all the tools to help you from start to finish. Try Franklin Chemicals today and see the difference. 

Floor Care Carpet Care
Floor Strippers

When a floor polish (wax or finish) becomes unsightly, dirty, or discolored, it becomes necessary to remove it from the floor. This process cannot be accomplished with a neutral floor cleaner. Thus the need for a floor finish stripper or wax remover such as OFFense.

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Carpet Shampoos

Bonnet or scrub carpet cleaning, with a standard floor machine and bonnet, on a weekly or monthly basis in high traffic areas will reduce the need for major cleaning. Using hot water extraction bi-yearly will extend the life of your carpet.

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Floor Finishes

Floor Finishes are the cornerstone and starting point of a floor maintenance program. It is important to select a floor finish that matches the results desired with the equipment available and the maintenance styles that will be used to maintain the surface.

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Carpet Deodorizers

Franklin Carpet Deodorizers may be used as room spray deodorizers, carpet extraction deodorizers, mop-on deodorizers, and portable toilet deodorizers. Carpet Deodorizers also remove tough odors from fire damage, garbage, and sewage problems.

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Floor Cleaners

Floor Cleaning is a very important step in a routine floor maintenance program. The choice of cleaning product can greatly affect the performance of the maintenance program. Franklin has the right Floor Cleaner for every application.

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Carpet Stain Removers

Carpet spotters are must haves for daily spotting and prior to any general carpet cleaning. Commonly occuring stains caused by coffee, tea, wine, and rust are chemically neutralized and removed from your carpets.

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