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The Original Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

HandClens is the only instant hand sanitizer that meets and exceeds FDA performance standards for hand hygiene, and our extensive kill claims offer independent lab results testing on a wide variety of germs. Unlike many hand sanitizers, HandClens is lethal to germs- but gentle to skin.

Products published in respected, peer-reviewed medical journals: The Journal of School Nursing, American Operating Room Nurses Journal, Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, and Family Medicine.

kills germs
Travel Size Sanitizer 8 oz (236mL) Sanitizer 60 oz (1800mL) Sanitizer

Travel Size Sanitizer
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8 oz (236mL) Sanitizer
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60 oz (1800mL) Sanitizer
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33.8 oz (1L) Cartridge Sanitizer Soap & Sanitizer Dispensers

33.8 oz (1L)
Cartridge Sanitizer

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Soap & Sanitizer

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