Bethesda Center for the Homeless

The Bethesda Center for the Homeless, located in Winston-Salem North Carolina. We provides vital services for homeless men and women. This includes a day shelter open daily and a night shelter available every night, offering facilities like restrooms, showers, laundry, and internet access. We focus on empowering individuals through emergency and supportive services, aiming for stable living. Services extend to case management, addressing individual needs, and barriers to independence, including those facing chronic homelessness. The center is supported by community donations and volunteers, emphasizing the importance of local involvement and generosity.

Keshia Gonzalez

930 North Patterson Ave.
Winston Salem, NC 27106

What we need most

Bottled water, ready meals for the microwave, canned spagetti and ravioli. Our facility does not have a kitchen. We have refridgerators and freezers. All donated food must be ready meals that can be made in the microwave or eaten on the go.

Bethesda Center for the Homeless is a non-profit organization.

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