Salvation Army Family Caring Center

The goal of The Salvation Army’s Family Caring Center is not only to help families through difficult times, but also to enable them to find permanent housing and learn how to live productive and fulfilling lives. The Salvation Army’s Family Caring Center, located in Pittsburgh’s East Liberty neighborhood, accepts entire family units, offering a unique, family-focused program. The Family Caring Center has seventeen individual rooms with a total of 36 beds for families in apartment-style units allowing the family to remain together in a safe, secure environment with three meals a day and specialized programming to help them get back on their feet.

Sherry Rorison

6017 Broad Street
Carnegie, PA 15206

  • Founded 1983
  • 80 Beds

What we need most

Water, Juice, Fruits, Vegetables, Snacks / Fruit Snacks.

Salvation Army Family Caring Center is a non-profit organization.

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