Our shelter consists of a mixed population, in which we have 43 beds available with 65 clients. Our shelter also serves as a transitional home for those who are in the process of getting permanent housing through New York City Department of Homeless Services. Here at our shelter we only have microwaves and there are no stoves. So clients here have a hard time getting meals that will cater to their current situations. Some clients also have little to no access to food as some are awaiting their SNAP benefits. Overall, the clients that are in need of food and at times the cities GetFood program are not a sufficient source of food as the portions are meager. By considering donating to our shelter we will be able to ensure that clients don't have to wait weeks for them to receive meals from the city. We can also help them fight food insecurity by having an adequate amount of food sent here.

Gianna Dell'Olio

1397 Stebbins Ave
Bronx, NY 10462
(347) 726-5999

What we need most

Anything that is microwaveable as well as perishable. As well as things that do not require a stove. Bottled water is crucial as some of the clients are unable to afford it, and at times they come to my office telling me they are thirsty. Please exclude items such as raw meats, pasta, rice or anything that is not able to be cooked in a microwave.

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