Northwest Compass, Inc

Northwest Compass is a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit organization that has provided programs to the moderate- and low-income populations in the northwest suburbs of Chicago in Cook County for more than 35 years. Its mission has been to enhance the community by providing emergency services, education, and empowerment which foster personal responsibility for those that are vulnerable or in crisis. The programs strive to positively impact the lives of homeless and unstably housed by connecting them to housing options, providing resources, assistance and support. We address our clients critical needs, stabilize their crisis and empower them to create stable and sustainable future. Our services spread in three major categories -- Stabilization, Empowerment and Housing. We have Transitional Living, Permanent Supportive, Rapid Rehousing for Domestic Violence victims and Youth Housing Demonstration Program for youth 18-24 years of age. Northwest Compass house about 75 clients at this time. We deliver food to 27 previously homeless veterans housed now at Hines. We started delivering food to vulnerable seniors in the NW suburbs. And we see clients facing food insecurity daily offering them food pantry. Only last month we provided food to over 300 clients. We have homeless clients who we placed in a motel and recently we have influx of new clients requesting assistance due to the fact that the shelter in our area is not accepting new clients .

Sonia Ivanov

1300 W. Northwest Hwy.
Mount Prospect, IL 60056
(847) 305-2764

What we need most

The food most needed is rice, canned meat, energy bars, bottle water, ready to eat meals for people in motels, mac & cheese, ravioli, rice-roni, canned beans, chunky soup, pasta, condiments, canned fruit and anything else would be greatly appreciated.

Northwest Compass, Inc is a non-profit organization.

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