Place of Hope Ministries

We are a multi-faceted ministry to Central MN. We serve those experiencing homeless. We assist people to get off the street, to have a warm, safe place to sleep, to get three meals a day plus snacks and find resources to move forward in their lives. Many of our 20 plus staff have themselves, experienced homelessness and are now giving back-Including Pastor Carol and Pastor Geary, founders. We began by giving out cups of cold water to those on the street and now we serve over 100 people a day ncluding families experiencing homelessness and poverty. We have developed so many partnerships with other agencies, businesses, churches, civic organizations, and government in the community who help us provide opportunities for hope and support. We do not believe homelessness has to be what defines someone, it is an experience they are passing through. We want to let those in the community know that we serve “people, experiencing homelessness”, not homeless people. Because we always put people first ♥️

Pastor Carol Jean Smith

511 9th Ave North
St. Cloud, MN 56303

What we need most

At this time, we are providing 3 meals a day with 80 at breakfast, 90 at lunch and 175 at supper (Plus three snacks a day). So, we need bottled water, fruit bars, canned/frozen vegetables, chili beans, spaghetti sauces, chicken, fruit cups, small milks, Spices, sugar, fresh or canned fruit, flour, tortillas, meat sticks, cheese, fresh veggies,

Place of Hope Ministries is a non-profit organization.

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