Monastery of the Holy Martyrs - Syriac Orthodox

We have room for between six and ten people. Usually these are a homeless family with a single mother, all though we have take a family with both father and mother. We help the adult or adults find employment and housing. The job couching included using practice videos. We continue to follow and assist families. While we mostly have families, we encourage the parents to participate in fixing meals and clean. Many while not required to particulate in our mobile Food pantry as volunteers. And several have continued to volunteer their time after they have found employment and housing. While we are a monastery there is no requirement or suggestion to attend or participate in any of the services. Those who have been in the programs have been of all faith and also of no faith. We do not qualify them.

Father Theodosius Walker

1000 South Michigan Street
Plymouth, IN 46563

What we need most

Rice, beans, pasta bottled water. produce, eggs , cereal. We have a food pantry which is open for all. We also have a clothing closet and other then winter coats must item are brand new.

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