The Connection Homeless Shelter,Inc.

The Connection is unlike most shelters and it leaves an impression on all those we serve. We are small but in recent months have been overflowing with clients trying for a new start and to build the lives they deserve. We’re a low barrier shelter serving men, women and children and only deny residential services based on sex offense registry. We offer three meals a day and an emergency/weekend food pantry not only to residents but to members of our community who are in need. We diligently strive to move each of our clients into appropriate, permanent housing and to create the foundational supports along the way that ensure success and self-sufficiency once an individual or family exits the shelter. The relationships we build with our clients allow us to work with them on an individualized basis that address their unique needs and helps us better understand the complexity of the population we serve. We are not just a shelter but a new beginning.

Ashley Lewis

414 East 6th Street
PO Box 1881
North Platte, NE 69103
308) 532-5050

What we need most

Milk, eggs, meat, fresh produce, rice, beans, canned goods, bread, peanut butter and jelly, pasta, tomato sauce. In serving over 4,000 individuals meals each month we readily accept any donations of food.

The Connection Homeless Shelter,Inc. is a non-profit organization.

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