Center of Hope Victory Ministries

The Center of Hope, the location of Victory Ministries in Whitehall, Ohio, is designed to be a place where individuals and families in need really do find hope. Though we opened our doors to the Center of Hope to the public in 2016, Victory Ministries has been serving Central Ohio since 1983. Beginning the ministry with food handed out to people from trunks of cars, today we have branched out to providing many services to needy families. Monthly, in our choice pantry, we provide groceries, including produce, meat, bakery and dairy for a minimum of three days of meals to over 450 families in 50 zip codes in Central Ohio. But that is just the beginning. Monthly, we provide over 50 food baskets and produce for agencies such as Veterans Administration, mental health agencies, and subsidized housing complexes in Columbus. For the month of December we provide a large basket of food with additional produce and meat for 1100 families and a free toy shop for every child in their family. We offer clothes in a well-stocked clothing pantry that includes school uniforms for children before school starts. Counseling has been offered on a sliding scale fee basis for many of our “neighbors” for over a decade. A medical clinic has been a part of the ministry for almost that long. Presently we have a monthly women’s health clinic and a vision clinic with complete optometric equipment on site. For many years we have had a weekly “Reading Buddies” ministry with a local elementary school helping struggling children with learning how to read. We have offered job placement services that have helped those seeking employment. Recently we began a venture capital program to provide training and jobs for people to flip houses. All of our ministries under the umbrella of Victory Ministries are covered and supported by prayer and the willing participation of hundreds of volunteers and the financial support of many churches, organizations, companies and individuals who believe in what we are doing.

Joseph Higginbotham

3964 E. Main St.
Whitehall, OH 43213
6142522500 Ext 204

What we need most

All kinds of dry goods and staples we try to make available in our food pantry. Since we provide a minimum of 3 days of meals, we include breakfast, lunch and dinner items in our pantry. We try to have pasta, rice, dried beans, canned goods of vegetables and fruits, peanut butter, energy bars, dried fruits, varieties of cereals, soups, crackers, snacks, fruit drinks, nuts, cooking oils, condiments, baby foods, grains, seasonings, jams and jellies, nutritional drinks, healthy beverages and fresh produce, bakery and dairy items along with frozen meat and dinners.

Center of Hope Victory Ministries is a non-profit organization.

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