The Loving Church

Our mission is to feed His lost sheep. We feed 6 days a week coffee and donuts or any other breakfast items we get donated. Twice a week we bus the homeless from our local parks to our church. Wednesday they are fed breakfast. Then at 11am we have bible study. We serve lunch and allow time for showers, clothes pantry, hair cuts and any other items they may need that we have. On Sunday we serve coffee and donuts as usual and return to pick up those who want to attend service about 1pm. This allows for showers or any other needs prior to Sunday service. Refreshments are served during this time. Immediately following service we have dinner together. On those two days we also bus them back to where they stay.

Yvonne Scott

166 E Roger Rd
Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 302-6356

  • Founded 2002

What we need most

Any type of food to cook or hand out items we can use any. On Wednesday and Sundays we cook meals always. The other days we serve what we are given through donations. We also will hand out give away donated items such as fruit, energy bars, water, juice or any other donated items. We serve between 30 and 50 on any given day. Sunday is usually a little more. We would greatly appreciate any help. Our Lead Pastor is Amos Joung and our Assistant Pastor Rebecca Dunne. I would be happy to give you their phone numbers on request.

The Loving Church is a non-profit organization.

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