Harvard Square Homeless Shelter

The Harvard Square Homeless Shelter serves the homeless community of Cambridge and Boston. The student staff and the University Lutheran Church work together to provide guests with shelter, food, security, and a supportive environment of mutual respect. In addition to providing these fundamental needs, we work individually with those who seek our assistance as they strive to attain their own goals and make the transition into independent living. The shelter also serves as a bridge between the homeless and student populations of Cambridge and Boston. By bringing ourselves into closer contact with people experiencing homelessness, we aim to increase our understanding of the challenges and aspirations of the individuals we serve. By working together in this endeavor we hope to make a difference in the larger effort to confront homelessness.

Ryan Wilson

66 Winthrop Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

What we need most

Canned tuna, vegetables, beans, pasta

Harvard Square Homeless Shelter is a non-profit organization.

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