Bethlehem Baptist Church/MDC

Our organization, Metropolitan Development Council (MDC), is operating an emergency overnight shelter at Bethlehem Baptist Church (4818 Portland Avenue, Tacoma, Washington 98404). The City of Tacoma is racing to find 400 shelter beds for the homeless after a ban on 'structures with walls,' including tents, was enacted in all public spaces, i.e. parks, right-of ways, etc. City officials contracted with Metropolitan Development Council (MDC) to identify solutions and locations of additional shelter sites. In response to the unauthorized encampment sweeps we know are coming, we recently set up one emergency overnight shelter, and are in the process of contracting for two additional sites. While we’re aware that temporary supports are not long term solutions, we also acknowledge that current systems of response to the homelessness crisis are simply not working fast enough to prevent people from sleeping outside. There are systemic violations of human rights happening every day in Tacoma, and we have a responsibility to offer every resident basic dignities such as water, restrooms, refuse disposal, and a place to store their belongings. This funding will help MDC provide respectful, kind services to persons experiencing homelessness by connecting them to services and resources that meet their immediate, and future, needs.

Pamela Duncan

945 Fawcett Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 591-0113

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