CITA Rescue Mission

We are a homeless shelter with 52 beds. We shelter, feed and clothe men. We provide a 6 month or longer addiction program to those that choose to enroll. There are no cost to the ones we help in our program. CITA works with employers to get these men jobs and housing, helping them to become once again productive in our community; to their family when possible and Church. We are in the process of building a women's and children s shelter with 16 apartment type living rooms. We also provide clothing, supplies, furniture to the needy through our two Thrift Stores.

Buddy Morrow

2330 Johnny Ellison Dr
Melbourne, FL 32901

What we need most

Non-perishable foods, along with can food to include vegetables, sauces, rice, noodles. Cereals, spices and grain items.

CITA Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization.

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