Iron County Care and Share

Iron County Care and Share is a local, private non-profit dedicated to providing compassionate assistance and resources to individuals and families in need, offering them opportunities to increase their stability and self-sufficiency. Our target populations are homeless men, women and children; residents of Iron county; and the chronically homeless in Beaver, Garfield, and Kane counties. This population includes the elderly, minorities, the disabled, veterans, developmentally disabled, physically and mentally ill, those with dual diagnoses, and homeless people living in places unfit for human habitation. Iron County Care and Share provides a pathway to stability for individuals in crisis who have few affordable and supportive options available.

Donations Administrator

222 W 900 North
Cedar City, UT 84721
(435) 586-5147

What we need most

Bottled water, peanut butter, energy bars, lunch sacks, sandwich bags. We provide over 30,000 annually sack lunches to our clients, and community members living in poverty.

Iron County Care and Share is a non-profit organization.

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