Fabrication Enterprises Patient Care Manikin PRO

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The Patient Care Manikin simulates an adult, life-size patient, with interchangeable genitals. It was developed for scenario-based training of patient care and advanced nursing skills. The manikin can be positioned like a real patient with natural movement of the arms, legs, and joints. Users can even make the patient care manikin sit upright in the bed for treatments. It is made of durable, unbreakable, and water-resistant plastics for longevity in the everyday training use. Included are: Organs (lungs, heart, stomach, bladder and intestinal section), injection pads (upper arm, thigh, and buttocks), intestine tube, catheter, duodenal probe, talcum powder, Vaseline, lubricant, amputation stump, inserts with wound depictions (upper arm and thigh), and tools for fitting. In addition, the PRO version includes removable organs for these additional patient care training features: Enema administration, Male catheterization CH12", Female catheterization CH 12", Gastric (stomach) lavage, Intestinal irrigation, Irrigation of the bladder, Irrigation of the vagina.

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  • Latex-Free : Yes