Motsenbockers Lift-Off® No. 3 Pen, Ink Graffiti Remover, 22 oz Trigger Spray

$71.92 / Carton
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Removes most inks, including permanent marker, ballpoint pen, highlighter, stamp pad and fountain pen inks. Designed to work on hard surfaces, yet can be used safely on clothing and upholstery. Removes nail polish and correction fluid from clothing, dry-erase boards and countertops. Water-based.

  • Quantity : 6 per Carton
  • Size : 22 oz.
  • Scent : Unscented
  • Applicable Material : Ceramic, Cotton, Nylon, Porcelain, Wood, Wool
  • Application : Cloth, Countertops, Dry Erase Boards
  • Physical Form : Liquid
  • Packing Type : Trigger Spray Bottle
  • Dirt Types : Fountain Pen Ink, Graffiti, Highlighter, Indelible Ballpoint Pen, Ink, Permanent Marker, Stamp Pad, Stain
This product is Biodegradable.

Environmentally Friendly