Atrix International
Leader in Industrial & Commercial Vacuums

Atrix International, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of vacuums and filters. Offering the best solutions for commercial vacuums in the industry, ranging from HEPA vacuums, ULPA vacuums, Electronic vacuums, Healthcare and MRI vacuums, Office vacuums, Integrated Pest Management (Bug) vacuums, Backpack vacuums, Cyclonic vacuums and Upright/Sweeper vacuums.
Atrix International HEPA Backpack Vacuum
HEPA Backpack Vacuum
Atrix International High Capacity HEPA Abatement Vacuum
High Capacity HEPA Abatement Vacuum

- Powerful with 4- stage filtration system
- Easily converts to a blower
- Ergonomic and comfortable fit

- High capacity 5 gallon HEPA filter
- Comes with hose and filter cover for safety
- Includes canister and two 20" extension wands
Atrix International Green Supreme HEPA Vacuum
Green Supreme HEPA Vacuum
Atrix International Express HEPA Electronic Vacuum
Express HEPA Electronic Vacuum

- Powerful, quiet, low energy motor
- Extension wands included
- True HEPA filter

- ESD safe
- Powerful 600 watt motor
- 4 pound, light weight vacuum