Simply Thick
Simply Thick is a unique product that thickens liquids and food product to assist swallowing for those people with dysphagia. Simply thick is convenient because you can use it for a variety of food preparation applications.

Product Features and Benefits
  • Quick, simple preparation.
  • Gel consistency before mixing.
  • Zero carbs, perfect for people with diabetes.
  • Thickens food and liquids.
  • Instant food thickener. Ready to drink within seconds.
  • Mixes easily with liquids and looks, feels and tastes like the original beverage.

  • Does not thicken over time.
  • Will not form lumps.
  • Liquid thickener for dysphagia.
  • Mixes hot or cold.
  • Thickens water, ice, soda, supplements, milk, juice, coffee, tea, soup, beer, wine, mixed drinks and more.
  • Handy packets are easy for travel.
Honey Nectar Bottle & Pump
Honey Nectar Bottle & Pump
12g Packet

100 x 12g Packets
96g Packet

25 x 96g Packets
4.2g Packet

6g Packet

200 x 6g Packets
48g Packet

50 x 48g Packets
1.6 Liter Bottle & 1 Pump


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