Paper towels make a better impression. They dry hands better, they're more sanitary, and studies found that nearly 90% of users prefer the performance of paper towels over hot air dryers. SCOTT® and KLEENEX® Paper Towels deliver superior value by offering reliable and advanced performance. Unique manufacturing advancements like patented Absorbency Pockets make SCOTT® and KLEENEX® the name you trust for consistent quality, affordability and innovation.

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SCOTT® & KLEENEX® Non-Perforated Roll Towels
Kimberly Clark Professional Roll Towels
Roll Towels are typically recommended for high-traffic washrooms or where high capacity and lower cost-in-use are required. Roll Towels often deter over-use and theft as users aren't as likely to take as much off the roll as they would with folded towels.
SCOTT® 1000 Hard Roll Towels
Kleenex® Hard Roll Towels
SCOTT® Hard Roll Towels
Green Seal Certified
Hard Roll Towels

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SCOTT® & KLEENEX® Folded Towels
Kimberly Clark Professional Folded Towels
KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* revolutionized folded towels with its patented SCOTTFOLD* Towel System as a superior replacement for C-Fold and Multi-Fold Paper Towels. The SCOTTFOLD* Towel System is designed for one-at-a-time dispensing, enhancing your washroom's appearance and controlling costs by reducing maintenance and waste.
KLEENEX® Multi-Fold Towels
Scott® C-Fold
& Multi-Fold Towels

SCOTT® C-Fold Towel
Kleenex® C-Fold
& Multi-Fold Towels

SCOTT® Multi-Fold Towels
Green Seal Certified
C-Fold & Mulit-Fold Towels

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SCOTT® & KLEENEX® Center Pull Towels
Kimberly Clark Professional Center Pull Towels
Center Pull Towels are to be used with center pull dispensing systems which reduce accessibility problems and also provide 19% more hand dries per case than leading competitive center pull systems. KLEENEX® and SCOTT® Center Pull Towels are the economical and effective choices for your hand drying needs.
SCOTT® Center-Pull Towels
Scott® Center Pull Towels
KLEENEX® PREMIERE® Center-Pull Towels
Kleenex® Center Pull Towels

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