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It all started in San Francisco by Phil Jaber who's had a lifelong passion for coffee, experimenting with different types of beans from around the world to create rich complex blends that only Phil himself could create. Philz unique blends are the direct result of 25 years of coffee alchemy and invention.

Today, Philz Coffee is a perennial winner of San Francisco Weekly's reader's poll for Best Coffee and also the official coffee at Facebook's Headquarters. From Philz devoted San Franciscan customers, to the out of town traveler who randomly wanders into a Philz Coffee shop, each will agree -there is a little bit of love in every cup.

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To hear the inside story from Phil himself, watch the video below:

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Greater Alarm

Highly caffeinated, consisting of vivid and uplighting tones, paralleled with strength and sweetness.
  • Flavor : Smokey & Sweet
  • Available in : Ground | Whole
Greater Alarm

Jacobs Wonderbar

Delicious layers of nuts and chocolate filled with a full-bodied flavor and finished without any acidity or bitterness.
  • Flavor : Chocolaty, Buttery, Fruity
  • Available in : Ground | Whole


Smooth and well-rounded with an array of smoky tones in the finish.


The first and most popular blend. Seven years in the making, a grand representation of Philz Coffee.
  • Flavor : Nutty, Toasty, Rich
  • Available in : Ground | Whole


Fruity notes and caramel sweetness compliment subtle flavors of bergamot and black tea..