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The NoTrax® family of floor matting offers a wide variety of highly efficient Entrance Matting and Anti-Fatigue Matting solutions perfectly suited for use in a wide variety of applications.
Indoor Wiper & Scraper Mats
Attractive yet functional patterns, styles, and designs, many of which are a step above the"best" mats made by competitors.
Chevron mats scrape debris regardless of traffic flow.
Brush step
Brush step® features a lighter weight double rib high-low design.
Arrow Trax
Arrow Trax™ provides the highest degree of crush resistance.
The Guzzler
The Guzzler™ presents a raised waffle pattern.

Indoor Wiper Mats
Perfect for indoor main entranceways with heavy traffic areas to help keep main foot traffic routes clean and attractive.
Sabre™ mats are perfect for light to medium traffic areas.
The Dante
The Dante™ line has 33% more carpet than many competitors
Estes® mats feature fashionable yet"self-cleaning" high-low looped pile.
Achieve a look suitable for modern décor with Polynib® mats.

Outdoor Scraper Mats
For tough working mats for outdoor use, look no further.
Wayfarer® mats feature vinyl-looped construction that traps dirt and moisture.
Rubber Brush
Rubber Brush™ mats are constructed from tough SBR rubber to remain flexible while withstanding extreme cold.

Dry Anti-Fatigue Mats
Abolish trip hazards, provide cushioning for workers, and ensure preventive measures against leg and back discomfort.
Airug® features PVC closer cell foam providing a barrier to cold floors.
Marble Sof-Tyle
Marble Sof-Tyle™ features heavy-duty rubber combined with a dense closed cell foam base.
Diamond Sof-Tred
Diamond Sof-Tred® outperforms competitive laminated mats in tear resistance and tensile strength.

Anti-Slip Mats
Protect employees and customers alike and prevent possible injury and liability issues with slip resistant anti-fatigue mats.
Sanitop® features alternating large and small hole drainage system.
Drain-Step mats feature a resilient rubber compound and large hole drainage.
Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb foam mats are a visual notification that immediately notifies those around you.