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What is an Ostomy Urinary Drain Bag?

An Ostomy Urinary Drain Bag is an appliance connected to a catheter that helps to drain and collect urine. It is used when there is a problem that involves the bladder and urine. Ostomy bags are usually coated in liquid-impervious material that allows urine to pass through it. 


Some people use their Ostomy Urinary Drain Bags to move their urine during the day. To the patient, wearing an ostomy urinary drain bag, it may seem very evident and protruding. However, every other person in the room may seem unaware of its presence.


Types of Urinary Drain Bag

Body-worn Bag


  • Leg bag: The leg bag is a discreet type of urinary drain bag. They are wrapped around the leg or thigh and held in place by straps, holders, or sleeves. The leg bag is best for those who need more freedom of movement to lead an active lifestyle.


Leg bags are worn higher or lower down the leg depending on the type of clothing worn by the person, and the type of activity to be done throughout the day. Straps are most often used to securely attach urinary drain bags to the leg. They can also be kept in place on the leg using an elastic sleeve. Special clothes that keep the bag in place are also available.


The majority of bags are manufactured in plastic, with some having a fabric backing for added comfort. A tube protrudes from the bag's upper side and connects to the funnel end of a catheter or sheath. A tiny tap or valve at the bottom of the bag allows it to be emptied.


It's critical to keep the collecting bag in place: if it's not correctly supported, a filled bag might draw down on the catheter or sheath. This can result in bladder neck separation and injury. This risk can be reduced by using extra straps to attach the drainage tubing close to the leg above the bag.


  • Belly bag:  An alternative to the leg bag is the belly bag. Worn close to the body, the belly bag is suspended around the waistline instead of the leg. Urinary drain bags attached to the belly or waist tend to be of a smaller size to retain mobility and discretion.


Night Bag


A night bag is a bedside medical apparatus that has a larger capacity, for longer usage without constant draining. It is best used during the night when one is asleep. Unlike the leg bag, the night bag is hanged on a nightstand and positioned lower than the bed to maximize the use of gravity and downward flow of the urine during overnight drainage and other non-ambulatory occasions. 


While the night bag is usually attached directly to the catheter or sheath, it is also possible to use a linking system wherein the leg bag's valve is open and connected to a night bag where it is drained. 


Night bags are to be replaced daily and are usually made disposable. However, there are a couple of manufacturers who have created reusable night bags that can take five to seven days before replacing them with a new one.


Looking for Ostomy Urinary Drain Bags


There are plenty of available physical and online stores that carry and sell all these types of Ostomy Urinary Drain bags. And sometimes, it can get a little too overwhelming when choosing from several options. Here, we have created a shortlist of bags and pouches, with the features one may be looking for in their choice of ostomy urinary drain bags.


Medline Leg Bag


The Medline Manufacturers have a lot of available options that come with every Medline Leg Bag. One can choose between a drain type that is Slide-tap, Flip Drain, or with a Twist Valve.

These are Leg bags with a comfort strap that people particularly appreciate because of the elastic bands that keep them in place. Some people find this feature preferable to Velcro. It is adjusted with an easy button end.


Wearing a urinary drain bag for long periods may lead to some skin irritation. With Medline Leg Bag, the back is lined with a fabric panel to bring better comfort and a bit of breathability between the leg and the pouch.


As for the drain type, a Medline urinary drain bag with a Slide-tap drain is appropriate for active users who require a catheter but can move about independently. Even for those with limited dexterity, the sliding tap allows for simple access when emptying the bag. The leg bag's Comfort straps provide firm installation, while the fabric backing ensures a pleasant and long-lasting usage.


The Medline urinary drain bag with a flip drain valve is the most user-friendly for those with limited dexterity. It is easy to open without being too loose. It does not leak. As it is a flip-type valve, the cap is not prone to dropping on the toilet when emptying the bag.


A Medline urinary drain bag twist valve leg bag is for people with better control and dexterity. Nonetheless, the twist valve is easy to use, and secure, spout making emptying a breeze.

Each bag comes with an anti-reflux valve that stops the pee from backflow and contamination.


McKesson Urinary Drain bag


The Mckesson company is considered one of the top medical suppliers to alternate care sites and has a product portfolio of about 300,000 items. It's no surprise that they can confidently cater to your specific needs.


Every McKesson Urinary Drain bag kit contains a 2000 mL Urinary Drainage Bag built with a Vented Anti-Reflux Chamber and Drainage Tube. It has a handle and an available Sample Port. With its large capacity, it will take some time to fill up the bag, reducing the number of changes done in a day. It also has a durable construction to keep odors at bay and prevent leaks.


Gross reflux and infections are reduced with the anti-reflux chamber. The clothes clip on the tube is intended to secure the tube to the patient's clothing and prevent it from being twisted or dragged on the floor. The Sample port is easily accessible.


The McKesson Urinary Drain bag kit also comes with a handle and hanger for easier placement. It is important to take note that each drain bag is for single use only.


Bard medical urinary drain bag


Bard Care promises Care, comfort, and choice and lives by these statements to continually develop innovative products that help healthcare professionals and patients alike.


With three types of available drain bags to choose from, the bard medical urinary drain bag has one unique feature from its competitors: added infection control.


The Bard Medical Infection Control Drainage Bag has round teardrop like shape that enables a more effective urine drainage. The bacteriostatic collecting bag contains a new antimicrobial ingredient that protects against bacteria that cause CAUTIs (Catheter-associated urinary tract infections).


The drainage bags come in a variety of sizes, including those with a higher capacity of up to 2000ml.


The Bard Medical Urinary Drain Bag Anti-Reflux Valve has the same teardrop form for easy and effective drainage. It has a fastener made of a single hook with a swivel hanger for a secure hold and placement when needed.


It is made latex-free, sterile, and with a one-way anti-reflux valve to avoid fluid and air backflow.


While the Bard Medical Gravity Drainage Bag Navarre carries the features of the rest of the products, this one can also be worn strapped around the hip or the leg. As it is positioned for use while being mobile, its capacity is reduced from 2000ml to still a sizeable 600ml capacity.

Remington Medical Drain Pouch


Remington Medical has led the distribution and manufacturing of disposable and sterile medical devices as a solution to the cost of energy and money in the maintenance, cleaning, and sterilization of medical items.


The Remington Medical 600ml Drainage Bag is a disposable drainage bag that has a completely adjustable soft waist belt as well as a 24" soft, kink-resistant drainage tube that may be trimmed to the desired length. It can also be worn around the leg.


To properly monitor fluid outflow, the Remington Medical drain pouch features graduated markings. Each drain pouch has a capacity of 600ml. It also has an easy-to-use twist-type outlet valve for emptying.


This set is available to purchase in singles or a box of 20s, for longer-term care.


Cardinal Health 


Cardinal Health is a global manufacturer and distributor with 50 years of experience in the market.


The Cardinal Health ReliaMed 900ml leg drainage bag is packaged in a convenient peel-open pouch for easy access.


The drainage bag is latex-free and has a t-tap drainage valve with sterile fluid channels, and simple fabric elastic leg straps that hold secure while you go about your day.


There is also the Cardinal Health Curity Urinary Drain Bag Mono-Flo Anti-Reflux Valve which comes in singles or a box of 20s and has 1000 mL, 2000 mL, and 4000 mL capacity options available.


The bag is a bedside drain bag that comes with a pivoting Hanger hook with two hooks. The hanger mechanism pivots for level positioning and may be used to hang the bag on a bed frame or sideboard.


The top vent helps to empty the bladder by reducing positive and negative pressure.

The Luer Lock Sample Port replaces the requirement for a needled syringe and is designed to handle urine samples without the danger of needlestick injury.


The tube holder aids in tubing length management, while the sheet clip ensures that the tubing remains above the collecting system, allowing for uninterrupted urine flow downhill.




Emptying and replacing the Bags


The amount of time it takes to change a person's bag is primarily determined by the bag's size. A smaller bag will need to be emptied more frequently during the day and is the most used type of bag. A bigger bag may last longer without being emptied, making it ideal for nighttime or sleeping hours.


Your doctor may suggest replacing the bag when it is one-third to one-half full. Leaving a bag all the way full may lead to unnecessary spillages in aftercare when mishandled incorrectly.

Some bags can be reused, while others must be discarded after one use.


The Benefits of Wearing an Ostomy Urinary Drain Bag


There are several benefits to choosing a wearable Ostomy Urinary Drain Bag compared to a bedside bag. Here are the top three benefits:

Personal Freedom

The first and most highlighted benefit of wearing an ostomy bag is the freedom and independence it gives you. Having come from a major surgery usually comes with assisted movement; there is nothing you can do alone. But with an ostomy urinary drain bag, a person can pass urine, with minimal supervision.

Discreet Appliance

Nowadays, ostomy bags come in pouches that can be attached to the midpart of the leg and other parts. They are discreet underneath clothes. It also includes other features such as odor resistance and leak proofing that help keep everything intact and manageable as you go about your day.

Adaptable to active lifestyles

Sportswear usually isn't something that comes to mind when wearing an ostomy bag. But with modern innovations, a person shouldn't be tied down by something that is considered a medical appliance. Consult with your doctor about the extent of movement and sport you can do while wearing the bag. There are also support garments that cater to an active lifestyle.

Care for Ostomy Bags

Ostomy urinary drain bags should be properly handled and disinfected especially the reusable pouch systems to help prevent the user from developing infections. The bags should be kept clean and bacteria-free. Here are a couple of tips when it comes to taking care of your pouches:

Observe hand hygiene during cleaning.

Hand hygiene and clean gloves should be worn before attaching the leg bag to an indwelling urine catheter. Remove the leg bag caps and sanitize the nozzle by with an alcohol prep pad for about 5 seconds making sure to wipe the area properly. You will need to air dry it after sanitizing.

The catheter's tip should next be disinfected, and the drain bag nozzle should be inserted into the urine catheter. Remove the gloves, toss them in the garbage, and repeat the hand hygiene procedure. Disinfect the drain bag caps by wiping them with an alcohol prep pad for 5 seconds and letting them air dry.

Clean the exterior when taking a daily bath.

During normal, daily washing, wipe down the exterior of the drain bag and the bag straps, with soap, or follow the manufacturer's cleaning recommendations. These parts come into touch with skin for lengthy periods and need to be regularly cleaned. Immediately rinse and dry the bag and straps. While the bag and straps are damp, avoid skin contact.

Scrub the interior of the leg bag with bleach solution.

To eliminate bacteria and minimize odor, fill the interior of the leg bag with diluted bleach and soak it completely, including the nozzle and fastened caps. Use one part bleach to ten parts water for the solution. In certain situations, diluted vinegar can be also used. Use one part vinegar to three parts water for this.

After soaking, rinse the bag and caps with water. However, it is still most important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines to make sure that proper care and maintenance can be done.  

When unused, keep the bag in a dry, clean container.

In a clean storage container, such as a bath basin, store the leg bag and caps upright with a clean paper towel in the bottom.

Replace the paper towel at least daily or when it is soaked. 

Living with a Urinary Drain Bag

During the transition phase, most patients who need to pass urine through catheters go through a lot of emotional upheavals. It can be difficult since it usually means a lot of lifestyle adjustments. Remember that this is a life-saving procedure and that you may live a healthy, generally normal life with a urinary drain bag.

Body image and any accompanying self-esteem issues will be the most difficult hurdle to overcome. That is why it is critical to establish a support network and meet with them regularly.

Urinary drain bags are commonly used and do not obstruct most everyday activities. Unless a person tells them, most people are unaware that they are wearing the bag.

Bag choices should be discussed with a healthcare provider to determine the appropriate system for their requirements. There are many various sorts and sizes to choose from, so everyone should be able to find one that suits their needs.

If you have any concerns, speak with your doctor and make sure you understand everything you need to know.

In Summary


Undergoing surgery or a procedure that requires an ostomy urinary drain bag isn't as much trouble as many people think. Rather, it helps keep you abreast with your regular, and even active, lifestyle, while still addressing your medical needs.


Rather than an obstruction, always consider your Ostomy Urinary Drain bag as the medical appliance that it is. And that many available wares accommodate and go along with your medical needs and items.


With our shortlist of readily available drain bags to choose from, at least there is one less item to think about.


Choose from either the Medline urinary drain bag, McKesson Urinary Drain bag, Bard medical Urinary drain bag anti-reflux valve, Remington medical drain pouch, or the Cardinal Health Curity Urinary Drain Bag Mono-Flo Anti-Reflux Valve to help you along with your journey.


We hope you've learned enough to confidently respond to the question "what is an ostomy urinary drain bag?" and possibly educate others on how to select the best ostomy urinary drain bag for them.