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Top Reasons to Use Nitrile Gloves




It was in the mid-1990s when Nitrile was first used in manufacturing gloves. After then, Nitrile has established a good reputation in the medical field where Nitrile gloves were first marketed. Today, Nitrile emerges as the most preferred synthetic material and continues to dominate other disposable protective gloves. Here, we are going to list the top reasons to use nitrile gloves to enlighten you on why they are the best choice.


Nitrile is a synthetic type of rubber perfect for protection against greases, acids, oils, bases, and other chemicals. It is a highly resilient material with puncture resistance and excellent strength. There are a lot of reasons why it takes over Latex when it comes to the gloves industry. Latex is another type of material that used to be popular in manufacturing gloves. However, Nitrile becomes more prominent since it is safer for people with skin conditions and allergies.


What Are Nitrile Gloves?


Disposable nitrile gloves are commonly used in medical environments because of their durability, puncture resistance, comfortable fit, chemical resistance, and other impressive qualities. It is also known as nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR).


NBR is a type of synthetic rubber polymer. It is a combination of acrylonitrile and butadiene molecules. This means that it will not break up into ions when dissolved in water. Such property is evident that the material is harmless.


Moreover, NBR is not only used for producing gloves, it is also utilized in a wide variety of applications like synthetic leather, cable jacketing, automotive transmission belts, hoses, V belts, oil seals, and more. Most manufacturers are turning their attention to NBR because of its immense potential and benefits.


Disposable nitrile gloves are essential to avoid cross-contamination between patients and medical practitioners. They give protection against potentially hazardous chemicals.




Top Reasons to Use Nitrile Gloves


They Have High Chemical and Puncture Resistance


Choosing gloves is not just about selecting the right size. You have to consider the hazard involved and the material used in manufacturing the gloves. Evaluate the environment in which the gloves will be utilized. If your work exposes you to pathogens and chemicals, contamination is more likely to occur.


Medical practitioners have relied on nitrile gloves because of their superior puncture and chemical resistance. The nature of their work requires the right protection. For that reason, nitrile gloves are an excellent choice. Compared to latex, nitrile is three times stronger. It guarantees protection from sharp objects as well.


The material will tear once the glove is punctured. Thus, you can immediately replace it. Unlike when you use a latex one which hides puncture because of elasticity. There is a high probability of contamination since the material conceals the puncture.


As to chemical resistance, you can hear three different material options: latex, vinyl, and nitrile. But among these three, nitrile has the highest resistance to chemicals. Safety is not an issue with nitrile gloves.



They Are Perfect For Those Allergic to Latex


Nitrile gloves are safe and comfortable for those who have allergies to latex. It is one of the top reasons to use nitrile gloves to ensure that your hands will not react badly to the material. The gloves will not pose any problem to you and your patients.


Nitrile has no latex component. Thus, it makes a perfect alternative if you have latex allergies. Latex gloves are still popular today. But the main reason why many are switching to nitrile gloves is due to these allergy concerns.


Furthermore, nitrile gloves have a comfortable fit as well. You can wear them for extended periods without any feeling of discomfort. Now, you don't have to worry about allergic reactions because NBR is hypoallergenic and gentle to the skin.


Except for being hypoallergenic, nitrile gloves are powder-free as well. Healthcare professionals usually look for powder-free nitrile gloves to act as a barrier against environmental contaminants. It means that powder is not necessary for easy removal and donning.


Powder-free nitrile gloves have a polymer coating. These various types of polymers like hydrogels, silicones, and acrylics offer less surface friction.



They Have Superior Durability and Flexibility


When choosing the best gloves, durability is a top consideration. You will be paying for the glove, so why not select the ones that can be used more than once? Nitrile gloves are durable and tough that makes them a good investment.


These gloves can withstand hazardous environments. They are pleasant to work with for a long time. With its material, there is no denying that they are of high-quality. The gloves have extreme flexibility and offer a slip-resistant finish for a firm and perfect grip.



They Are Temperature-resistant


Nitrile gloves can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degrees celsius to 108 degrees celsius. Either you work within hot or cold environments, you can count on these gloves. You can stay protected from the heat or cold.


Aside from that, nitrile gloves are waterproof as well. Gloves do not get soaked. You can continue working without worrying if the gloves get weakened by water. The rubber is naturally waterproof.



Are Nitrile Gloves Latex-free?


As we have discussed above, nitrile does not have latex at all. Though latex offers a high degree of sensitivity, it is often avoided in some fields. It is prone to puncturing and compared to nitrile, less resistant to chemicals and oils.


Another reason why they are being replaced by nitrile is due to the issue of latex allergies. To avoid putting patients at risk, medical practitioners have switched on nitrile gloves already.


Nitrile is from synthetic rubber that is safer for people with allergies. It is suitable for a variety of uses because it is more flexible and much thinner.



Benefits of Using Nitrile Gloves


You have learned why nitrile gloves are a top choice. Now, let us see more of what these gloves can offer. Here's a list of nitrile gloves benefits:



  1. They adjust to the shape of your hands.


They provide an agreeable fit as your body heat warms them. You can use gloves with greater flexibility. Nitrile, in that case, allows you to keep going while at work. The gloves are not too tight and not too big for your hands. Nitrile gloves are versatile and comfortable.


Nitrile is not just famous in the medical field but also a wide variety of applications. Some professions such as automotive, chemical industries, manufacturing, sanitation services, and more industries use them at work. They are also applied in food services.


  1. They provide more grounded barrier protection.


As we have discussed already, nitrile has a superior quality that prevents chemical and acid contaminations. The gloves provide enough protection for you and for the people who might touch the gloves. They are very resistant to oils, chemicals, and acids.


For that reason, there is no denying that they have become a better option than latex gloves. Also, they are FDA approved which means that the safety and protection they provide is true. Primarily, they are utilized in the medical field.


Dentists, nurses, doctors, and medical technologists are using them because they are thick and durable. The finish on the outer part offers a perfect grip. It helps to avoid contaminants entering the inner part of the gloves.


  1. They have a longer shelf life.


Nitrile gloves have a slightly higher price than other options. But if you will purchase them in bulk, you can enjoy discounts. They can be stored for over five years up to ten years without any damage. If properly stored in the original packaging, the gloves can stand the test of time.


There are several tips to ensure that the gloves won't brittle and tear easily. Do not store them in areas exposed to ozone or higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, you must not break the seal if you don't need them. Then, always store them in a cool place.



  1. It can be worn and removed effortlessly.


Nitrile gloves have the characteristic of being low-resistant to friction which makes them easy to wear and remove. You can conveniently work with these gloves especially if you need to change them frequently.



Nitrile Vs. Latex Vs. Vinyl


Gloves are essential personal protective equipment especially in this time of facing the pandemic. Wearing them helps minimize the risk of getting in contact with the virus. They are part of sustaining a high level of safety and health in different establishments and hospitals. Thus, they play a significant role in fighting against the coronavirus and other bacteria.


There are three major materials used in the glove industry such as nitrile, latex, and vinyl. All of them have unique characteristics that contribute to protecting medical workers while doing their jobs. However, it is of great importance that every individual has a good understanding of their differences. In such a case, everyone can choose the right material that fits the environment.


We have discussed nitrile already. So, we are going to talk about latex and vinyl too in this section. This will help you understand why nitrile becomes the best choice over these two options.

Nitrile Advantages


To get a clearer and summarized view of the advantages of nitrile, here's a quick and brief list of them:


     Longer shelf life

     Free from latex




     Durable and strong

     Easy to wear and remove



     Agreeable fit



What Are Latex Gloves?

Latex gloves give excellent protection to different professionals in a broad range of industries. Often, the medical industries use them because they are not only a great choice in those fields, they are also offering a quality performance to those who work in various areas other than medical ones.


They were invented in 1889 by William Halsted. He is the first chief of surgery at Johns Hopkins  Hospital. He created the latex gloves to help medical staff in preventing the development of dermatitis due to some chemicals. The medical industry has relied on them for a long period. This explains why latex gloves are popular.


The only drawback they have that made people switch to nitrile is the allergy concern. But they remain to have a splendid quality. If you don't have skin allergies, latex gloves can still be a great option. However, it might pose a problem when you interact with people with allergies.



Latex Advantages




     Used in different applications

     Offers the best fit

     Highly Durable




What Are Vinyl Gloves?

The main advantage of Vinyl gloves as compared to latex and nitrile is their cheapest price. They are a soft and comfortable material usually utilized in low-risk environments. They are popular in the food industry and housekeeping services, not in the medical industries.


Vinyl gloves are made from polyvinyl chloride plastisol. The material is not meant to last for extended periods. They are the least durable gloves among the three options. For that reason, they are not ideal for handling oils, acids, and chemicals.


People buy them over latex gloves because they do not pose the same risk as latex gloves do. Meanwhile, the major drawback of these gloves is not having high biodegradability.


Vinyl Advantages


     Very affordable




Now, you can see the reason why nitrile continues to surpass the two. It might be a little expensive, but it is worth the cost. The nature of the work is highly considered when choosing the right material for your hand gloves. In the medical world, nitrile offers more benefits.

Who Can Benefit From Nitrile Gloves?


Nitrile gloves are used in several industries exposed to blood-borne pathogens and environmental contaminants. With their superior performance and outstanding characteristics, they are ideal for dental and medical professionals.


They are FDA-approved protective equipment with a high level of chemical and puncture resistance. From the food industry to laboratory settings, many can find them useful and easy to work with. Also, their powder-free characteristic makes handling easier for those who work with fresh adhesive and ink.


With all the impressive qualities, they are usually used in industrial, heavy-duty, plumbing, automotive, janitorial, painting, medical, and manufacturing applications. They are essential for many professionals. Such professional who can benefit from nitrile gloves are:


Medical practitioners


Guaranteed protection is much needed in the medical world. Having the right equipment can protect both the doctors and the patients from any harmful contaminants. Given all the benefits that they provide, nitrile gloves are popular in the medical industry.


Today, as the world still faces the coronavirus, medical front liners need a tough barrier to viruses and blood-borne pathogens. Nitrile has the strength and high level of resistance to keep your hands safe.



Product Inspectors


The job of every product inspector involves getting exposed to substances. For that reason, nitrile gloves are both a necessity and required material to ensure safety in the course of doing work. They are comfortable and breathable as well, so there is no way they make hand movements complicated.


They are easy and convenient to use. You can even wear them for long hours without the need to replace them frequently. The puncture-resistant property ensures that no substance can pass through.



Laboratory Technicians


Like doctors, laboratory technicians need strong protection as well while working with blood products. Working in laboratories without the proper equipment can cause several problems. Thus, it will be helpful to work in the area with nitrile gloves.


Handling sharp objects and blood-borne pathogens calls for a need of durable and thick hand protection. Even if they are thick, the gloves are still soft and comfortable to wear.



Kitchen Personnel


Working in the kitchen would mean dealing with a lot of acid, bases, and chemicals. It is required that kitchens in the food industry would pass an examination to see if they can operate. To follow standards, everything about the kitchen must be clean and properly organized.


In managing risks, protective equipment like nitrile gloves is a big help. The environment has to stay safe and away from any hazard, so most food handlers count on nitrile these days.


Painters and Tattoo Artists


The superior chemical resistance of nitrile gloves helps painters and artists in finishing their tasks with ultimate protection. They can focus more on what they are doing without worrying about the dangers of punctures and contamination.


Tattoo artists get this assurance too that the clients are protected as well. It comes as no surprise that nitrile gloves are widely used in the tattoo industry.




Housekeepers are dealing with different environmental contaminants each time they do their job. Their hands are highly susceptible to toxic chemicals that might result in rashes or skin issues. The job requires protective equipment to provide safety and protection.


In such a case, the nitrile gloves are again an excellent choice. Housekeepers do not necessarily have to replace the gloves because they are strong enough to endure the tasks.


Auto mechanics


Nitrile gloves are versatile and flexible that they can be used for multiple vocations. They are utilized in performing maintenance work such as changing oil, handling strong de-greasers, and dealing with petroleums.


With greater comfort, an auto mechanic can now execute the job with full hand protection.




Usually, gardeners are cultivating a piece of land with their bare hands. Then, they will have their seeds and plants in there. As part of gardening duties, they will have to distribute fertilizers also with their bare hands. This has been a practice that needs to be changed.


You can still enjoy doing the tasks with your hands protected. Nitrile gloves offer full protection from toxic and harmful fertilizers. You can also avoid touching insects that might cause an itchy feeling on your hands.



As you can see, nitrile gloves are widely used in different industries. With so many capabilities, they are the most in-demand and highly praised material today. Hands are very important, without them, work cannot be easily done. Hence, they need something that will protect them at all costs.


Nitrile gloves have managed to establish a good name in a wide range of industries. With all the top reasons to use nitrile gloves, it comes with no surprise that they will continue to get a positive impression from most professionals especially those from the medical industry.