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Medline Commodes - What You Need to Know


Many have interchangeably used the term commode to refer to both the porcelain toilet fixture and the portable adult potty. However, the key to differentiating a commode and a toilet is portability. Commodes can be transported from one place to another while the other can't be. And to help you know more, we've made this article to help you find the best bedside commodes for you


What Is A Commode?


A commode is a portable potty chair for the adults. It is designed for patients who have difficulties getting to the comfort room in time, especially at night. Bedside commodes or portable potty chairs have been an essential addition to hospitals and care facilities. It has also become an addition to bedrooms of elderly or ill patients at home. 


At present, there are many types of commode chairs in the market. Here are some types that you will come across:


•     Bariatric Commode - This type is designed for adults weighing 300 to 1000 pounds. The chair frame is usually adjustable in height and made with non-corrosive and water-resistant materials. The extra durable frame is also designed for a wider and deeper sitting for overall comfort. Some are made to be padded for additional support and comfort to these patients. 

•     All-in-one Commodes - This bedside commode is usually recommended for patients or individuals who have difficulties getting to the bathroom at night. During the daytime, they can quickly transfer it to the bathroom. It can be also be used as an elevated toilet seat for those who have difficulties sitting down or getting up from a seated position. 

•     Drop Arm Commodes - This type of commode is best for patients with limited mobility. The drop arm features serve to assist in transferring on and off the commode. 

•     Padded Commodes - Padded types of commodes are designed for additional comfort. These types may come with only a padded seat or a combination of padded seats and armrests. A padded seat and armrest help reduce pain and pressure for the user. These padded commodes may also provide additional hygiene as they can be easily wiped and cleaned.

All these commode types come with a removable bucket. Some may be easily folded for easy storage and transfer across rooms. Some may also come with wheels to transport patients and even double up as toilet safety frames and shower chairs. 

Guide to Choosing The Right Commode


Bedside commodes are a safer alternative for patients and may help them maintain independence even when cared for. A commode will make your life even easier if you find the perfect fit for your loved ones. Each patient has individual needs. So, before purchasing one, make sure you've done your readings. Below, we've prepared a buyer's guide and some valuable tips on choosing a new commode. 


1. Height Adjustable


A commode that can be easily adjusted in height will help make sitting down and getting up easier. This will also help prevent straining and reduce the risk of falls at the same time. 


2. Easy To Transport


This option will largely depend on the mobility of a patient. It is wiser to get a wheeled commode if the patient is often moved from one room to another. Added benefits for the user are that it may also be used as a shower chair. 

3. Easy Storage

Some commodes may be folded for more accessible storage and transport during trips or from one place to another. The foldable design feature makes it easy to store in closets when not in use. Versatile commodes can provide stress-free storage for the user or their caregiver as they can be folded and unfolded in seconds. 

4. Durability

When choosing a commode, you may want to check the overall frame. Make sure it is made of durable steel or aluminum material. Stainless steel is a more reliable choice, especially for bariatric patients. It is also worthy of reviewing some customer feedback to get an idea of how durable the commode is. 

5. Seat Area and Design

Commode seats come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It may come in a round, oval, or square shape, and opening sizes may also come wider or narrower. 

Elongated shapes and wider opening seats are better choices for bariatric patients because they offer better support and comfort. Make sure to check the width specifications of the product before making the purchase. 

Some commode seats may also have an opening in the front for easier access for wiping and are suitable for those with limited control of legs.

6. Comfort

Commodes are meant to provide our loved ones a pleasant experience during hard times. So, make sure to choose one that will best suit them. For some, it may be a padded seat, while for others, it may allow them wider space to move. So choose one that will best suit the user's preference and current needs.

7. Cost


Many people are looking for a functional and durable commode, and most of the time, these will come at a high cost. Yet, note that paying a little bit more for that comfort and durability is a wiser choice in the long run. You don't want to pay for one that can easily tear down or degrade after a few uses.

But, if you are a bit on the budget, there are still great options that will give the same benefits you are looking for in a commode. You have to explore your choices and narrow down factors that are essential to you. 

8. Appearance


For some, aesthetics may also be a vital factor. If this is you, you may want to pick a design and color to suit your taste. Pick one that will correspond with your bedroom or toilet's theme or one that will stand out to you.


9. Accessories

Commode accessories may either come with your purchase or be bought separately. Here are some common ones:


•     Bucket Liners - Commode liners are bags that are placed inside the removable bucket. It is mainly used for hygienic purposes and a more straightforward disposal of waste. These liners may even come with deodorizing agents to reduce waste odors.


•     Replacement Buckets - These buckets will usually come with your purchase. However, after usual usage, you may want to replace it at some point for sanitary reasons. Extra buckets also come in handy while the other one is still being cleaned.


•     Clamps - These tools are used to hold toilet paper and aid those with limited hand or arm functions. 


•     Splash Guards - This tool prevents the splashing of waste outside the toilet.


10. Easy to Clean


Nobody wants to smell unwanted odors lingering around the bedroom or space. So, get a commode that is easy to clean and maintain. 


11. Easy to Assemble and Disassemble

It is best to choose a commode that can be easily assembled or disassembled with just a few to even no tools. Some commodes can be assembled tool-free. This feature is best for people who will rely on themselves only in the assembly of the product. You may also purchase one that is already pre-assembled before delivery. 


12. Weight Capacity


Another critical factor in choosing the right commode is the weight capacity. Check that the chair and the frame are sturdy enough to support the user's weight or size requirements. A higher weight capacity means that the chair is more sturdy and secure for use. 


Tips On Proper Installation Of Commodes


1.  Choose an area that is accessible and clear of clutter, possibly near the bed of the user.

2.  Set the commode to a height that is comfortable for the user. Make sure that their knees are on the hip level and that their feet are flat on the floor.

3.  If the commodes have wheels, ensure that they are locked and steady to prevent falls and injuries.


Keeping The Commode Clean


•     Put on the bucket liners before use. If liners are not used, put a small portion of water in the bucket for easier cleaning after use. 

•     Always empty bucket after each use. Make sure to clean the bucket with disinfectant and deodorizing agents regularly.

•     Also, keep the frame and handles of the commode adequately sanitized. 


Medline Bedside Commodes and Accessories

When shopping for a bedside commode, you may be surprised at how varied your options may be. This post will help you narrow down your options and make a better and informed decision. So we've listed and reviewed some of the best Medline commodes and their accessories in the market.

The Medline commodes featured below range from different functionalities and styles. We only featured commode items from Medline as it supplies trusted medical products dedicated to improving many lives. We understand that apart from being mentally prepared, you have to get the one that will perfectly suit the user's needs. 

So, let's start:

1. Medline Padded Drop Arm Commode

Medline commodes are designed for ease in lateral transfers from the bed to the commode. The Medline Drop-arm Commode will accommodate this function efficiently. 


This model features cantilevered arms that drop and swing easily out of the way. Medline Padded Drop Arm Commode allows both arms can be dropped down to make it easier to move for the patient and their caregiver. This function helps transfer patients with restricted leg and arm movements. 

The frame is made with hard chrome steel that is also rust-resistant. It also allows height adjustment with an easy push of a button. 


The padded version comes with the seat covered with soft foam that allows a more comfortable landing experience. Additionally, handgrips are also made with slip-resistant materials to prevent slip and falls. 


The backrest can also be removed to allow easy use as an over-the-toilet safety frame. On the other hand, the clip-on seats make it easy to remove for cleaning. 


The package includes the commode itself, a Medline commode bucket, a lid, and a splash guard. This model can accommodate and support patients weighing up to 300 pounds. 


2. Medline Folding Steel Commode


The Medline 3-in-one Folding Steel Commode is a versatile tool to aid patients who have difficulties making it on time to the bathroom. This Medline toilet is recommended for patients who are weak or those who are still recovering. 


This Medline foldable toilet safety rail and commode is easy to assemble and can be quickly folded flat to storage size when the patient will not use it. It can be easily set up as a bedside commode and support up to 350 pounds of weight. This Medline foldable toilet safety frame is compatible with most standard toilets. 


For additional patient safety, the legs are equipped with rubber tips to prevent slippages. This function is helpful for patients who do not have their caregivers nearby at all times. 


The commode's height ranges from 15 inches to 21 inches from the floor and can be lowered or raised in 1" increments with an easy push-button design. 


The frame is made durable with grey powder-coated steel construction. 


A 2-gallon bucket with a removable clip-on lid and a splash shield is already included in the package.


3. Medline Knockdown Commode


The Medline Knockdown Commode is an excellent option for those looking for a practically priced one yet offers functionality. 


This Medline 3-in-one commode can be quickly assembled tool-free. This hospital-grade commode is built with sturdy steel construction that can support patients with up to 350 pounds of weight. The armrests are equipped with comfortable soft foams. 


The push-button legs allow easy height adjustment. Aside from the standard functions of this Medline 3-in-one commode, it even includes a toilet paper holder for added convenience. 


This model is designed to save both money and space. It is also protected with Microban, an anti-microbial ingredient that resists the growth of bacteria for added health safety. 


4. Medline Bariatric Commode


The Medline Bariatric Commode is designed for patients weighing up to 650 pounds. 


The frame is made with reinforced steel to accommodate largely built users. The design of the Medline Bariatric Commode features an extra-wide platform seat style for added comfort, while it features backrests for added support. The back rail can be removed quickly, and the sturdy legs also have non-marring and rubber tips for extra safety. 


5. Medline Aluminum Bedside Commode


The Medline Aluminum Bedside Commode is perfect for those who are looking for a lightweight commode. This Medline portable toilet is ideal for patients who often transfer from one room to another. It is also a good option for light to medium-weight individuals.


This Medline portable toilet also comes with easy-to-remove clip-on seats for hassle-free cleaning. One good thing about this product is that you can purchase a replacement Medline Seat and Lid for this model.


6. Medline Elements Bedside Commode with Microban


The Medline Bedside Commode with Microban is perfect for those who are looking for both functionality and style. This premium model features a bronze-type finish that brings an aesthetic and homey feel to the user. 


This Medline bedside toilet is equipped with simple push-button and knob functions for easy operation and height adjustments. The aluminum built is suitable for medium-weight individuals and can accommodate up to 400 pounds. 


Like the other models, this Medline bedside commode also offers more flexibility as it can also be placed over a regular toilet. 


Additionally, the flat seat lid cover conceals the toilet seat when placed in the bedroom, making it look like a traditional chair. A splash guard and a tissue-holder tool are also included in the design for complete functionality. 


This model is also protected with the benefits of Microban. Microban is an active ingredient that helps prevent infections from the growth of bacteria such as mold and mildew. 


7. Medline Accessories


•     Medline Commode Liners with Absorbent Pads - These latex-free liners can be used with the most common buckets and makes cleaning up fast, easy, and hygienic.


•     Medline Replacement Commode Buckets - These 2-gallon buckets include a lid and also fit most Medline commodes. These buckets are made with polyethylene material, are latex-free, and are also easy to clean. 


•     Medline Splash Guard - This Medline tool will fit a variety of guardian commodes and helps make the commode cleaner. This latex-free splash guard comes in dark gray color. 



Final Thoughts


The trouble that comes with aging or being immobilized can be a very frustrating situation. As we age, falls become common, while balance and weakness are issues for those sick, injured, or recently had surgery. Getting the right commode will give you or your loved one a better experience, especially during the difficult times during sickness or recovery.


Commodes help in increasing an individual's stability and independence. It plays a huge role in making them feel better and love. After all, we want them to be safe and comfortable. So take time to review and carefully choose the best bedside commodes for you and your loved ones.