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How To Shop for Prevail Incontinence Products

Incontinence has become an inevitable part of aging for some. This health problem is more common in older women and may cause unnecessary embarrassment and a lowered quality of life. Yet, incontinence is treatable and can be efficiently dealt with through the help of family, caregivers, and helpful incontinence products. Read on as we guide you on how to shop for Prevail incontinence products.


What Is Incontinence?


Incontinence is a condition that is characterized by involuntary urine leakage. This event can happen for many reasons, such as:


•     Weak bladder muscles

•     Overactive bladder muscles

•     Weak pelvic floor muscles

•     Medications

•     Alcohol and caffeine consumption

•     Parkinson's, diabetes, arthritis, and other diseases that make it difficult to go to the bathroom in time


If left untreated, incontinence may lead to other problems such as:


•     Depression

•     Anxiety

•     Loss of sleep


Various types of incontinence are the following:


•     Stress Incontinence - May result from sneezing, coughing, laughing, or exerting effort when lifting.

•     Urge Incontinence - Urge to pass urine unexpectedly, followed by involuntary urine flow

•     Overflow Incontinence - Constant dribbling of urine.

•     Functional Incontinence - Medical conditions prevent you from going to the bathroom in time.


Managing Urinary Incontinence in Seniors


Often, incontinence is less prioritized as many other health concerns come with aging. But, seniors and their loved ones must realize the urgent need to address this health crisis immediately.


The first step in treating and effectively managing incontinence is to see a doctor. It is best to see a urologist, a doctor who specializes in urinary tract problems. These specialists will provide the best insights regarding your health condition. 


Your doctor will order various tests to check your urine, blood, and how well you empty your bladder. Fortunately, some approaches that these doctors usually recommend are non-medication and non-surgical treatments.


Your doctor will suggest the following treatment options:


1. Lifestyle and Dietary Changes. These changes may include:


•     Avoiding caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea, and sodas

•     Avoiding alcohol, citrus fruit juices, and other bladder irritants

•     Regular exercise

•     Losing weight

•     Limiting water intake before bedtime


2. Kegel Exercise. These are pelvic floor exercises that make the pelvic muscles stronger to hold urine longer. Kegel exercise is also a good option for men. This quick exercise (10 sets per day at least) is done by contracting and releasing your pelvic muscles and is doable anywhere.


3. Timed Voiding or Toileting Assistance. This method involves setting urinating schedules that will be strictly followed. You may gradually extend the duration between bathroom trips to train your bladder's control. This strategy may take about three months to show results. 


4. Keeping A Bathroom Journal. In this activity, you will log all your bathroom trips and bladder issues.

5. Biofeedback. This method makes you aware of your body's urinating signals. You can use this method along with the other treatment methods above.


5. Medicine Regimens. Your doctor may also give you anticholinergic medications that will prevent involuntary muscle movements. 


6. Precautionary Products. These products help reduce leak accidents and acts as an absorbent barrier to keep your clothes dry. These products are also helpful at times when there is limited bathroom access.


7. Botox Procedures. This procedure may help people who have not had success with the other treatment options. Botox injection into the bladder will allow the muscles to relax. This procedure is done in the clinic and will work in as short as a few days. 


8. Surgery. Doctors will help you decide whether this procedure is the best option for you. They will also discuss the pros, cons, and other relevant details of this procedure.


Finding the Right Incontinence Product


Aside from the mentioned treatments, seniors may wear incontinence pads and other protective garments to manage incontinence problems.


Some older women use sanitary napkins as an alternative pad for incontinence. However, these pads are not as effective as incontinence pads or diapers. Remember that sanitary napkins are designed to absorb menstrual fluid, while incontinence pads are designed for the rapid dispersion of urine. 


There are many product options in the market that you can choose to buy. Still, you have to carefully consider some factors to get the right one that best suits the user's needs. 


Here are some helpful criteria to consider when buying incontinence products:


1.   Size


If you plan to get incontinence underwear, get a size larger than your regular underwear size. To get the correct measurement, measure along the betty button and refer to the product's size chart. Getting the wrong size may result in an increased risk of leaks, rashes, or even infections.


2.   Breathability


Diapers and pads are usually made with fabric-like materials that allow adequate airflow. And because the skin will be exposed to repeated wetness, diapers that are moisture-wicking and have breathable linings are ideal. 


3.   Absorbency


Pads and pull-up underwear are designed with different levels of absorbency to cater to the user's needs. 


4.   Specific Use


Will it be urine incontinence only? Or will it be used for both urine and bowel incontinence? You should also consider if the product will be used for either daytime or overnight protection. Use pads with higher absorbency for overnight use. 


5.   Comfort


Comfort is always the key to choosing any incontinence product. Make sure to get products that will help keep the user comfortable. Especially at night time, not to constrain them from sleep. 


6.   Style and Design


Three common diaper styles are: 


•     Pre-folded 

•     Butterfly

•     Contour


For users with an active lifestyle, consider pads that are more discrete and thin. While both males and females can use some products, some products are designed to be gender-specific only. However, it is still essential to try on different styles to pick the best one for you or your loved one.


7.   Accessories


1.  Booster pads provide added protection and allow less frequent changes. 

2.  Incontinence creams and cleansers will help keep your skin healthy and free from rashes. 


8.   Reusable or Disposable?


You may opt for either a washable or disposable pad, underwear, or bed pads, depending on the frequency of your flow. 


Types of Incontinence Products


Incontinence pads and diapers are designed to make life easier for those who suffer from incontinence issues. These pads absorb urinary leaks and keep you dry and odor-free. These products also help make clean-up easier aside from offering protection that ranges from daytime to nighttime coverage.


1.   Incontinence Pads


These pads are for individuals, particularly women, who experience lighter leaks. Incontinence pads can usually contain up to 8 ounces of urine. They have a hydrophobic layer designed to absorb moisture while keeping it away from the skin and are best suited for active users. Usually, these pads are made with breathable fabrics that also absorb odor. 


2.   Incontinence Guards


These are pads designed for the male anatomy. It features adhesive tabs that can be attached to the male's underwear. These guards are designed with a protective sack where the penis is placed to avoid drips during the day. 


3.   Pull-up Underwear


Pull-up style adult diapers and are best suited for mild to moderate leaks. These underwear look similar to regular underwear but are designed for single use only. Both men and women can wear these disposable diapers. They are also suitable for those who are mobile and live an active lifestyle. Most styles feature tear-away sides that offer convenience and easy replacement whenever needed.


4.   Brief-style Diapers


These diapers are best suited for adults who suffer from heavier incontinence leaks. Adult briefs fit comfortably around the abdomen, crotch, and rear and contain a thick absorbent core. It features a full-coverage back panel which is also designed for those with bowel incontinence. These disposable briefs have tabs on the side that are best suited for disabled and bed-ridden patients.


5.   Booster Pads


These inserts are used to extend the protection of pads, pull-ups, and diapers. These inserts are also helpful for side sleepers as they can be attached to any side of your diaper or underwear.


6.   Underpads or Sheet Protector


These underpads are commonly referred to as Chux and are used to keep beds, furniture, and other surfaces dry. Underpads are also widely used in hospitals and care facilities. These products are handy and valuable for those with severe incontinence problems. Depending on your or your loved ones' needs, you may shop for disposable or reusable underpads.


7.   External Catheters


Another helpful product used to manage incontinence is external catheters. These products are ideal for sensitive skin or those who don't want to wear bulky diapers. 


8.   Bed Pads


These bed pads can cover the entire mattress and help soak up overnight leakages. They are also helpful in trips away from home.

Prevail Incontinence Products


Prevail Incontinence products are made with polymer and textile materials and carefully engineered to provide the needed protection. These pads neutralize the acid from urine that may cause rashes if the pad is left unchanged. However, high-quality incontinence pads nowadays use better technology. It contains a special gel that prevents skin infection from prolonged use of pads. 


Looking for the right incontinence product may take a lot of trial and error, and this review may help you decide faster. Below are some of Prevail incontinence products that you may try that are readily available from


1. Prevail Daily Pull-On Incontinence Underwear


Prevail Daily Pull-on Incontinence Underwear for women comfortably feels like regular underwear. It contains Quick Wick Maxsoft technology that is effective in lifting away moisture. Absorbent beads are strategically placed in specific areas to minimize leaks and accidents. 


It features an AirMax layer that is designed to trap moisture. It is also made with cotton-enhanced Dri-fit fabric to provide optimum comfort to the user.


One good feature of this diaper is the back indicator which ensures proper wearing of the product.

This diaper best suits women with mild to moderate incontinence problems. 


2. Prevail Air Overnight Stretchable Briefs


Prevail Air Overnight Stretchable Briefs is one premium product for overnight use. These diapers are also ideal for extended daytime use. 


These stretchable disposable briefs utilize the MaxSorb Gel technology for superior fluid absorption and to maintain skin health. 


This product offers 100% breathability through its ventilated panels. On the other hand, the Dri-fit cotton fabric reduces the occurrence of rashes by reducing the occurrence of skin friction. 


3. Prevail Bladder Control Pads


Prevail Bladder Control Pads are the best option for those with an active lifestyle. These pads are perfect for individuals who want discreet but effective incontinence protection.


The pads work similarly to panty liners but have a greater fluid retention capacity. These pads are available at six absorbency levels: very light, light, moderate, maximum, ultimate, and overnight. Thus, you can choose the variant that will best fit your needs.


It also features the Odor-guard technology that prevents odors even before it starts. 


The pads are contoured to your body's shape and come with side shields for extra protection.


Pad length measures 9.25 inches and is individually wrapped for convenience. 


4. Prevail Bariatric Briefs


Prevail Bariatric Briefs are designed for heavier individuals who suffer from any incontinence issues. These briefs are made with cloth-like materials that are suitable for both men and women. This breathable fabric is made to be comfortable around the entire waist. 


These disposable diapers are free from harmful contents such as rubber, latex, and allergens. 

5. Prevail Men's Daily Pull-On Incontinence


Prevail Daily Underwear for Men will allow you to move freely and comfortably despite incontinence problems. This diaper product is designed to have a discreet fit than other adult diaper brands.


The product features an Odor-guard technology that is designed to absorb urine leaks while eliminating odor-causing ammonia from urine. 


It features MaxSoft Technology that provides excellent absorption and softness for optimum comfort.


6. Prevail Per-fit 360

Prevail Per-fit 360 unisex adult diapers are designed for those elders who are disabled and are dependent on their caregiver. These diapers feature tabs that can be attached or re-attached as often as needed. 

These disposable diapers are also designed for maximum absorbency and comfort. The 360 Breathable Zones feature provides all-around ventilation.


This cloth-like diaper also features expandex wings that stretch comfortably around the waist. 


7. Prevail Belted Shields


Prevail Belted Shields are undergarments best suitable for those with medium to heavy leaks. These incontinence undergarments are discreet in design and can be worn alone or underneath your regular underwear.


Similar to adult pull-ups, it offers high-volume leakage protection. Yet, the design is more discreet, with reinforced buttonholes and reusable elastic straps that provide a better fit. 


The open-side design is also better as it allows maximum airflow. It is available in one size that will fit most adults. 


8. Prevail Male Guards


Prevail Male Guard is designed specifically for the male anatomy. These are heavily absorbent pads ideal for dribbling problems in men. It is ideal for men who suffer from stress or urge incontinence. It will also benefit those who suffer from post-operational leaks. 


Like the bladder control pads for women, these pads are body-shaped inserts that have a full-length adhesive strip to keep the pad securely in place.


Also, these pads feature the Omni-odor guard technology to prevent odor control while providing ultimate skin dryness. 


9. Prevail Super-Absorbent Underpad


Prevail super-absorbent underpads are essentially helpful in protecting wheelchairs, car seats, and other household furniture. 


These underpads have a plastic backing that keeps wetness from seeping through during nighttime leakages. The soft-top cover provides extra comfort even during prolonged use. At the same time, the absorbent polymer core locks up moisture. Using these disposable underpads also helps make cleaning faster and easier. 


Prevail underpads are also available in various sizes and can accommodate individuals up to 300 pounds of weight.


Prevail super absorbent underpads may also be used for purposes other than incontinence. It may also serve helpful in the following situation:


•     Tending to wounds

•     Changing of enteral feeding tubes

•     Changing of ostomy bags


10. Prevail Adult Wipes


Adult wipes also play an essential part in incontinence care. These wipes keep your skin clean and fresh following diaper or pad changes. offers a variety of Prevail wipes, and these are:


•     Prevail Soft Pack Aloe/Chamomile/Vitamin E Scented 

•     Prevail Press-N-Pull Lid

•     Prevail Fragrance-free 

•     Prevail Aloe Fresh Scent


All Prevail products are hypo-allergenic and will satisfy even those with sensitive skin. Also, Prevail products are time-tested to provide value, security and restore one's freedom and confidence.




The adverse effects of incontinence can take a toll on one's emotional, mental, and even social well-being. While incontinence can be a challenging issue, there is no need to shoulder the problem alone. It is always good to discuss your options with your family or your caregiver. Know that one can still maintain dignity even in the face of incontinence problems.


Incontinence should not keep anyone away from enjoying the best things in life. Peace of mind and a good night's sleep is just one purchase away from you. Carefully explore your options, review some feedbacks, and consult others for recommendations.


We certainly hope that you have been well-informed through this article. Now, you finally can have confidence knowing how to shop for Prevail incontinence products.