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How to Shop For Incontinence Products

Incontinence is defined as the inability to control your bowel and bladder. The severity of the condition can range from just a small leak to complete loss of control. When someone experiences incontinence, doctors usually advise the use of incontinence products to help manage the condition. One can choose from a wide range of options but only the best incontinence products can make anyone's lifestyle still enjoyable.

In particular, there are two common types of incontinence namely, urine incontinence and bowel incontinence. Urine incontinence is a condition caused by problems with the muscles and nerves that are responsible for helping the bladder hold or release urine. On the other hand, bowel incontinence is common in older people who are not able to control bowel movements.

To live an active life, there are aids in the form of incontinence products that will help manage incontinence. These products can provide the level of protection required.

In line with that, let's have a quick and easy-to-follow buying guide for your next purchase. Rest assured that you will end up getting the ones with superior quality and usability. But before we proceed with the list of best incontinence products, it is important to understand what they are and how important their role is.

What Are Incontinence Products?

Incontinence products are goods designed primarily for persons who experience problems in releasing or holding urine and in controlling bowel movements. What they do is absorb and lock away feces or urine to prevent leakage.

They come in various types suitable for the needs of all users. Commonly, the incontinence products available and being sold in the market are liners, pads, underpads, male guards, and protective underwear. These products help absorb full urination or liquid stools. Thus, allowing users to move without any worries.

Importance of Incontinence Products

For people who have to deal with incontinence, these are not just mere products that prevent leakage. The truth is, these products significantly contribute to the quality of life of every user when it comes to comfort and convenience. More than that, they serve as a protection to keep the user's skin healthy and dry.

These products are effective to lessen the burden on people who have incontinence. Through incontinence products, a person can move freely without having doubts about their bladder or bowel to cause them trouble. It is indeed troublesome to encounter incontinence, especially when you are currently participating in social activities. Also, you may not be able to concentrate on what you are supposed to do for fear that you have to deal with incontinence at all times.

Hence, it is a big help to have incontinence products that keep you covered. These goods will give you aid for your incontinence problem. As you start using them, you would be able to finish your tasks and cast away all the worries. For that, there is surely no other way else to emphasize how important incontinence products are.

The products are available in pharmacies and department stores. So, you don't have to worry in case you run out of stocks for your next use.

Tips on How to Shop for Incontinence Products

Find Your Fit Comfort

Before you buy incontinence products, it is so essential to know your size or the measurement of your hips or waist. Incontinence products have sizing variants from smallest to XXL or sometimes, larger than that. You should be aware of your measurement to avoid discomfort due to the inconsistency of the sizes.

Size is a very important factor in ensuring comfort. That is the reason why you need to know what your size is before going to a local store or placing an order online. Most of the time, sizes may vary depending on which brand. Check for the exact measurement instead of size variants because there may be a huge difference.

Heavy-Duty and Super Absorbent Incontinence Product

Dealing with incontinence during nighttime is more challenging. It's when you needed to take a rest and waking up to an unfavorable situation in the middle of the night can be very inconvenient.

It's a good thing that there are heavy-duty diapers that can manage to absorb a huge amount of urine leakage. They can come in the form of diapers or underwear which are intended for night use. These are recommended for adults or elders who may find it hard to get up and constantly go to the bathroom. The products will allow them to sleep comfortably without feeling wet due to leakage.

Getting enough sleep at night is a must. Thus, putting on the super absorbent overnight incontinence product will be a great hand for them to achieve their peaceful night's sleep. Since these products are heavy-duty and super-absorbent, there would be no need to change them again. It can surely handle urine leakage until morning.

Booster Pads for Additional Absorbency

The booster pads are getting popular nowadays. They are somehow similar to liners but with a few differences. It has a superabsorbent additional layer to increase the absorbency performance of the product.

The main distinguishing feature of the booster pads and the liner is the backing. The liner is independent to use and can be directly stuck on your underwear without getting it wet because it has a waterproof backing. It does not allow liquid to flow through your regular underwear. Meanwhile, the booster pad requires an absorbent undergarment because the backing is not designed to hold regular liquid flowing. It is mainly for providing aid in preventing possible leakage.

Booster pads are flow-through pads with adhesive strips to ensure that the pad is secured on top of the absorbent undergarment. With the booster pad, you can change your diaper or any absorbent undergarment that you use in a lesser time. Also, you can replace the booster pad if necessary, even without changing the main absorbent.

Incontinence Pads for Stress Incontinence

Users may prefer a certain type of incontinence product over the other options. For example, if you are one of the wearers who are not into diaper or underwear classification of the products, you can take into your list the incontinence pads.

These types of products are in many forms other than diapers, briefs, or underwear which are convenient to use. More than that, they are easy to change whenever you feel uncomfortable with them. They also contain a waterproof backing which acts as an absorbent pad so you do not need to worry about liquid flow.

Washable Underpad Used As Back Up

The difference between washable and disposable underpads may be quite obvious when it comes to usability. But as a customer, you may notice how the two differ in cost-effectiveness and durability.

Washable underpads are effective in preventing leakage. They can be a good backup or an alternative product since they have the same capability as disposable ones have. They are constructed with a soft-outer layer and a water-resistant backing to prevent leakage onto the bed, foams, or any surface you wanted to protect.

What's great about washable underpads is that they are good for your budget. By using washable underpads, you are also helping the environment.

Types of Incontinence Products

Manufacturers of incontinence products create various types of them based on the different preferences of their users. Incontinence products are based on light to severe incontinence.

Here's a list of the common types of incontinence products:

Shaped Pads

Shaped pads are the common kind of incontinence pads due to their light feature. They are closed-fit pad that aligns the contour of the user's body.

They are good for light to moderate leakages and can bring comfort and protection to the user with their thin used material.

All-In-One Incontinence Pads

If shape pads are for light to moderate incontinence, the all-in-one pad is great for moderate, heavy, and severe incontinence. This is a heavy-duty type of incontinence product suitable for anyone with two main designs such as incontinence slips and belted pads.

Incontinence slips are a diaper alike that has a fixation tape to hold the pads intact. These kinds of incontinence pads are ideal for immobile users as it is so easy to wear and remove.

On the other hand, belted pads are adult-type incontinence pads. They are designed for full security against leakage. The belt function guards the leak to pass over the pads.

Insert Pads

Insert pads means its name. You can easily insert it into your absorbent undergarment. This is to give more value to incontinence products, particularly for absorbency. It can be in the form of booster pads and other kinds.

Best Incontinence Products for Women

Medline FitRight Ultra Underwear

Medline is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to incontinence products. It has been producing high-quality and affordable products to support every patient's need.

If you are looking for a leak guard with an extra level of protection, it's right here. This Medline FitRight Ultra Underwear for women isn't your typical incontinence product. It is a reliable and super-absorbent underwear best for patients who struggle to manage urinary incontinence.

Furthermore, using incontinence products should not compromise your comfort. Thanks to this ultra underwear since it comes in a very comfortable shape. It is designed to look and feel like real underwear best for those who are mobile. And it is great because it does not require a brief with tabs.

Another factor that must be considered is how long can your incontinence product last. Well, Medline has ensured that with the product's super-absorbent core wicking outer layer, everything goes well for a long period.

It can last for a few hours with its linear embossing technology that keeps the core dry. So, there is no need to constantly change it. The outer layer also provides odor control. It facilitates leakage protection by pulling moisture away from the skin.

Particularly, the product is good for women with a 40" to 56" waist size which is also classified as large to extra-large. If you have been into several shops already looking for the right size, Medline has it for you.

Prevail Pull-On Incontinence Underwear

The best thing about Prevail Pull-On is its maximum absorbency. This means that incontinence underwear can hold and manage hours of use. Having this quality makes the product a great choice for patients. Truly, a product that is worth buying.

Aside from that, Prevail incorporates Gel Technology to the product which helps in locking up moisture. Users don't need to endure the discomfort of wearing an incontinence product because, with this Gel Technology, they can have a fresher and drier feeling.

Prevail incontinence products are designed with excellent features and qualities. These qualities are commonly what people look for when purchasing incontinence products. Prevail Pull-On underwear is one of their products that promises an Omni-odor guard, comfort-shape, cloth-like backing, and maximum absorbency.

It may be challenging to find the right size, especially larger ones. But the good news is, Prevail comes in 2X large size. It is very comfortable for adults and plus-size patients.

Medline Underpad Protection Plus

Medline Underpad Protection Plus is a reliable incontinence product that would allow you to enjoy the rest of your day without any worries. It protects against the possibility of leakage and comes with wing tucks into the side of the mattress for extra added security.

The disposable pads are great for women in sizes 30" x 36". And with its material type, the user's skin stays healthy and dry. Polymer is a breathable and comfortable synthetic material.

The product also ensures that you don't have any problem with the odor. The pad itself will take care of the odor with its ability to lock in fluids and eliminate foul smell. So, it's a great product that can promise maximum comfort and protection.

Speaking of protection, the product is guaranteed to be latex-free that prevents the risks of allergic reactions. Latex-free materials are not just good for the user alone, it may be able to prevent allergic reactions among other people who may have contact with them too.

For each case of Medline Underpad Protection Plus, you can have 15 packs/bag already. This number of packs in a case is great already considering that you can purchase the product at an affordable price.

TENA Absorbent Underwear

Tena Absorbent Underwear is a triple protection incontinence product that was designed with a modern, soft, or cotton-like fabric and a tri-laminate class of materials. It has a cozy waistband because of its cottony-soft textile that adds on the maximum performance of the absorbent underwear.

It's one of the best incontinence products for adults. Each case contains 18 per bag which makes it a great choice for people looking for quality products that won't wreck their budget. When it comes to sizing, the product can accommodate users with a 29 to 40 inches waist or hip.

The absorbent underwear is a pull-on style which means that it can easily be worn or removed. With its body-hugging fabric, the underwear fits well. It also ensures that the underwear stays in place all the time. Another impressive thing is that the product's polymers are locking away the foul odor and giving secure protection during the day and night.

Best Incontinence Products for Men

Medline FitRight Ultra Underwear

This Ultra Underwear has a super-absorbent core that controls the odor and will suck the fluid away from the skin. It maintains dryness and leakage security. In addition to that, it also has a linear embossing technology that supplements the dryness and dispenses the fluid over the core.

Specifically, men with a 40" to 56" waist size would feel comfortable wearing the product. Comfortability is one of the most important factors in choosing the best incontinence products and it becomes possible with Medline FitRight. It comes with a design that looks and feels like you are not wearing a product but real underwear.

For an active man that wants to move as freely as possible, the Medline Fitright Ultra Underwear is an excellent choice when it comes to incontinence products. It is so easy to use, just similar to regular underwear and feels like a real one that does not require other pads.

TENA Protective Incontinence Underwear

TENA Protective Incontinence Underwear is a pull-on style product with a cotton-like stretchy fabric. The fabric allows you to have a comfortable and breathable experience while wearing the underwear. Aside from that, the product has a design that feels like normal underwear.

The major advantage of using TENA Protective Underwear is its ability to protect leakage effectively. This becomes possible due to its high and super absorbent capacity. You can wear the product with an assurance to hold and absorb leakage.

The size of the product is extra-large which makes it ideal underwear for plus-size men. It suits those users with sizing dimensions of 44" to 64".

So, if you are looking for a reliable, durable, and highly absorbent product, this TENA Protective Incontinence Underwear is your right choice. It won't compromise your comfortability. And most importantly, you get it at a reasonable price.

Sometimes, it's hard to find larger sizes at supermarkets. But TENA provides products that can fit different sizes. If you have been looking for a larger size, look no further because TENA Protective Underwear is right here.

McKesson Ultra Heavy Fluff/Polymer Underpads

Most of the time, doctors prefer products that are latex-free to ensure that patients are well-protected against the risk of allergies. This is true as well when it comes to incontinence products. If you go for a product with no latex content, it will be a great relief especially if you're allergic to it.

If you are looking for high-quality and safe options, these McKesson Ultra Heavy Pads are just right for you. It is a latex-free underpad that keeps patients safe from allergic reactions.

The product comes with an ultra-absorbent polymer that helps in keeping the underpad dry and cool. You also don't need to worry about odor because it has advanced odor control to manage the smell.

This unisex incontinence product is best for users with 30" to 36" sizes or dimensions. It is a heavy absorbent underpad that can give assurance that leakage is managed well.

Comfort is the most important of all. As much as possible, every patient should feel that they are not wearing incontinence products at all. That is possible with McKesson Ultra Pads which have a fluffy core and non-woven edges.


Many people suffer from urinary and bowel incontinence which prevents them from doing normal daily activities. Incontinence is not just a medical problem; it tends to affect people's social life and mental health. Therefore, experiencing incontinence is one big challenge anyone could face.

But with the existence of technology, devices, and products, one doesn't need to endure an isolated life. If you have incontinence problems, you can still get to enjoy life and maintain relationships with people. The best thing is, you can count on products that are designed to help you deal with the problem until you get treated.

If you have been looking for the best incontinence products, you don't need to look further. The ones being mentioned above will ensure that you get the maximum comfort and protection that you deserve. They are all great and excellent at helping people with incontinence problems.