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Everything You Need To Know About Over-Bed Tables


As people age, injuries, illnesses, and mobile disabilities become an everyday part of life. These circumstances make people spend an extended period in their beds. Thus, medical over-bed tables have also become an essential part for the sick and elderly. To help you choose the best one for your needs, here's everything you need to know about over-bed tables


What Is An Over-Bed Table?


An over-bed table, also referred to as a hospital bed table, is designed for patients limited to their beds for an extended period. over-bed tables serve many purposes, such as holding food trays, medical supplies, and even personal things like books and phones. 


These tables are configured with a rectangular tabletop and a 4-wheeled lockable base. These tables are adjustable in height and can conveniently slide to a patient's bed and use it for:


•     Mealtimes

•     Computer works

•     Reading

•     Hobbies and crafts

•     Keeping medical tools within reach


Over-bed tables are ideally used in hospitals, homes for the aged, rehabilitation facilities, and even home use.


Benefits Of Using An Over-Bed Table


Over-bed tables are a great addition to a patient's bedroom. These table types rest over your beds and chairs and help prevent strains from bending. These tables have become essential tools for the elderly, bed-bound patients, and even those who want convenience when working on their beds.


Some of the benefits include:


•     Easier access to things

•     Fully functional over-bed tables may even have USB sockets

•     Storage for personal belongings


Getting The Best Over-Bed Table


There is a little more to choosing over-bed tables than you think there is. You need to consider the shape, capacity, features, and specific usage to find the right one for you. Some over-bed tables may even come with additional storage, USB sockets, mirrors, and other accessories. Yet, you need to carefully choose, one that will best suit your need.


So here are some factors to consider before buying one:

1. Types of over-bed Tables


Understanding what type of table will best suit your loved ones' needs is the most crucial factor. So, here are the different types of tables you will find in the market.


•     Senior Living over-bed Tables - Typically, these beds are designed to be lightweight and straightforward, making them ideal for the elderly. These tables are also designed for regular beds and do not have extra features other than being adjustable in height.


•     Inpatient over-bed Tables - Inpatient over-bed tables are heavy-duty types of tables designed for hospitals and healthcare facilities. It can hold up to 100 lbs. of weight to accommodate medical tools and equipment.


It may also come with features like cup holders, spill guards, and drawers. It may also come with dual surface trays that provide extra space if needed. Over-bed tables with drawers are a good option for patients who need access to many vital medicines or items within reach.


•     Bariatric over-bed Tables - Bariatric types are similar to inpatient over-bed tables but come with a longer and bigger surface top. These types are ideal for use with larger patients as it offers a comfortable area of space. 


2. Usage 


An overhead table is designed to provide you a comfortable experience while being confined to your beds. And one critical factor to consider when buying an over-bed table is identifying the specific function for the user. 


If the patient has many things they need easy access to, they may need to get a larger tabletop space. Likewise, if one needs to have more storage space, he may need to get one that comes with an additional chest or drawer.


3. Adjustable Height


As there are various types of beds, some even with reclining features, over-bed tables should have an adjustable height option. You should be able to set in a position and lock them after. Most over-bed tables have this option. This option will also make it comfortable for the user to adjust the height for use while sitting or lying down.


4. Movable


For increased mobility, you will want your table to be movable from one place to another. So make sure to get one with wheels that you can easily maneuver. You may also want to choose an over-bed table that is lightweight and easy to transport.


5. Easy to Clean


over-bed tables are one of the most used items in a patient's room. As most tables are designed for eating, drinking, and taking medicines, these surfaces need to be clean at all times. 


With the threat of different viruses and bacteria lurking in the surrounding, you need to get an over-bed table that is easy to clean and maintain. Else, if not properly sanitized, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for viruses, germs, and bacteria. 


Patients, especially the elderly with weakened immune systems, should not be exposed to these threats. The ideal thing to do is look for an over-bed table that is simple and easy to clean. Tables with laminated tops, lesser grooves, and accessories are easier to sanitize and maintain. 


It is also a great idea to get an over-bed table with a top made from a copper-induced surface and biocidal material to kill bacteria on surfaces. You may also opt to get a separate over-bed table that you can mainly use for your things to avoid contamination. 


6. Price


An over-bed table can be considered a good investment for any home or facility. Depending on the use and features, an over-bed table may be priced from as low as $50 up to over $1000. Before buying one, you may want to check your budget and look for discounts available if there may be. Make sure that you will get a quality product without putting a hole in your pocket.


7. Durability


It is important to note that one may need to use over-bed tables for long years. So, check the durability and sturdiness of the table you want to purchase. Tables made with high-quality MDF (Medium-density Fibreboard) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) are an excellent choice. Some over-bed tables may be more expensive but may last longer years.


8. Size


Make sure that you measure the size of the bed or the chair you will use before making your purchase. Hospital beds are higher than regular beds so getting appropriate measurements are crucial. You should also consider the space under the bed to ensure that the base will fit under it. 


9. Style and Design


Nowadays, many manufacturers offer a variety of styles, designs, and colors to choose from. Some are even designed to fit the look of modern homes.


10. Other Features


•     Adjustable Tilt Top


Over-bed tables with adjustable tilt tops are designed for optimal use and comfort. Tilt tops make over-bed tables more versatile than non-adjustable tops as it makes it easier for patients to read books and helps avoid neck or back straining. 


Tables with adjustable tilt tops may come with either a single or dual surface. Dual-surfaced over-bed tables may come with dual surfaces, one smaller than the other. 


You may use the smaller surface to hold things that may spill, like water and other drinks. On the other hand, the more extensive section that can be tilted can keep bigger-sized items like plates, books, and laptops.


•     Auto-touch Features


As being bedridden comes with decreased mobility, auto-touch features are a great addition to over-bed tables. With auto-touch functions, you can now easily adjust the height of the table with even a light touch. 


•     Added Compartments / Drawers


You may want to keep your vanity kit and some personal belongings within reach at all times. If so, look for an over-bed tables with storage to keep essential items like cellphones, wallets, keys, and other personal belongings. 



Best Over-bed Tables


Getting the best over-bed table can be a daunting task, more so with the many options available in the market. And whether you or your loved one has a minor illness or maybe spending longer days bed-bound, we know you only want to get the best. So, we've reviewed a few of the best over-bed tables available in the market today, and here are our top picks. 


1. Medline Economy over-bed Table


Aside from being economical, Medline over-bed tables offers a secure and sturdy surface to use for homecare. The table's weight capacity is up to 50 lbs. and will hold your laptops and other gadgets safely. 


The tabletop area is 30 by 15 inches and is made with durable walnut-colored wood grain melamine laminate that is easy to clean and maintain. It also has an adjustable height of 30 to 40 inches to fit most beds, chairs, and wheelchairs. 


The column is chrome-plated, and the H-styled base is designed not to turn over quickly. The base comes with four swivel casters that you can easily maneuver even with limited mobility. These robust casters can also be easily be maneuvered from tile, linoleum, and even carpeted surfaces. 

The surface top is resistant to damage from boiling water, alcohol, and even acid spills. 


This table is ideal for seniors on a budget or those with limited income as it is inexpensive. Purchase of this over-bed table also comes with a one-year warranty period. So, if you want a dependable yet practical over-bed table to use, Medline's over-bed table is a good choice.


2. Drive Medical Tilt-top over-bed Table


Drive Medical Non-tilt top over-bed table is designed for patients who need a portable space to use over their beds. Similar to Medline's Economy over-bed table, the surface top is also a walnut-colored wood laminate. 


Most of this table's features are similar to Medline's over-bed table, but this one from Drive Medical comes with a tilt-top surface top. This tiltable tabletop can be tilted in both directions and also features a locking mechanism. 


You can also quickly and smoothly adjust the height to the desired position without straining.


It is built for light use and can hold up to 40 lbs. of weight making it perfect for dining and work.


The base's wheels are also designed not to wobble and scratch your floors.


Go for Drive Medical Tilt-top over-bed table if you want one that is easy to use and assemble. What is even better is that the over-bed table comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


3. Drive Medical over-bed Table Double Top


Drive Medical over-bed Table is an excellent option if you want one that has two tops that move independently. The smaller top is stationary and is perfect for holding drinks. The larger top is tilted in either direction and adjusted to an angle that best suits the user. 


The laminated wood top has a sturdy feel that can be easily cleaned and can hold up to 55 lbs. of weight load. 


This over-bed table's base is built with durable Chrome-plated steel. Height can be easily adjusted to a minimum of 30" to a maximum of 46" with light fingertip pressure. 


This ergonomic table is easily one of the best choices in the market as it gives its users more versatility. 


You will not go wrong with buying this product as it comes with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.


4. Amfab 4528 Heavy Duty Automatic over-bed Table


Amfab heavy-duty over-bed table will best suit those who are looking for an extensive top area. The high-pressure laminated top area measures 18" by 32" and can give both the patient and caregiver a more extensive area to work with. This table can support up to 100 lbs. of weight and is perfect for use with medical equipment. 


It also comes with 2-inch sized wheels for easy maneuvering around the hospital or at home.


Amfab over-bed tables have a sturdy column that features a spring-assisted height adjustment which locks into 15 positions at 1" increments.


The base and column is built with heavy-duty steel and an Opal powder coat finish. This feature makes Amfab ove-bed tables one of the most durable over-bed tables in the market today.


You can choose either an H-base, U-base, or fork-designed base to suit your needs. It also has an automatic lift safety feature to reduce the risk of falling over. 


Unlike other featured tables, this Amfab over-bed table is available in ten different laminates to choose from. These high-pressure top alternates will allow you to choose one that will complement your room or home design. 


You may even order this table with a vanity kit and mirror installed at an additional cost. This feature makes it a perfect choice for users who want both style and functionality.


5. Invacare Tilt-top over-bed table


Invacare Tilt-top over-bed table can best suit both home and institution use. Like the other tables featured, height can also be adjusted for comfort while eating, reading, or using your laptops and other gadgets. Table height can be adjusted upward or downward with a light touch and locks into the desired position.


Tabletop dimensions measure 30" by 15" and tilts at three angle positions in both directions. It is perfect for everyday activities and can hold up to 25 lbs. of evenly distributed weight. 


The laminated wood-grain top is easy to clean and is resistant to damage. It has a durable base made with welded steel to ensure safety while in use. 


The bases' four 1.5" casters allow easy mobility in any direction. 


6. Amfab Automatic Gas Lift Over-bed Table


Amfab automatic gas lift over-bed table features a gas cylinder lift mechanism for optimal use. This allows a quiet and easy upward adjustment without activating the handle. This feature provides added convenience to users. It also provides extra security so that the table will not turn over in case it accidentally rises with the bed.


This heavy-duty over-bed is also capable of handling up to 100 lbs. of evenly distributed weight. It can be an essential tool whether for home or hospital use.

Like the Amfab 4528, it comes with an oversized table top that measures 32"by 18" surface area to accommodate more things and provide a larger work area.


This over-bed table-type best suits patients with limited capacity or mobility. You can also either choose an H, U, or fork-designed base to suit your preference and needs.




Having an over-bed table in your homes or facilities adds ease and comfort to being bedridden or having restricted mobility. Eating, reading, and even working also will be safer and more comfortable with having over-bed tables. Indeed, these tools surely make life better during these challenging times.


Over the years, over-bed tables have evolved from being simple to fully functional. Yet, the best thing to do is read and do your research before making your purchase. In the end, we believe that you will succeed in making an informed decision of choosing among the best over-bed tables in the market.


So there it goes! We genuinely hope that this guide has helped you with everything you need to know about over-bed tables.