XPOWER 1560 CFM Variable Speed Pro 13" Brushless DC Motor Air Circulator Utility Fan with Built-in Power Outlets

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The XPOWER FC-250AD Professional Grade Air Circulator Utility Fan is your ultimate source of powerful, smooth, and efficient air movement. Powered by an advanced brushless DC motor, the FC-250AD air circulator draws only 1 amp while producing upwards to 1560 CFM to effectively cool and ventilate any space. At its lowest speed, it draws a mere fraction of an amp, thus being one of the most energy efficient air circulators on the market. This lightweight ventilator is designed with a durable housing and swirl grill to provide a specialized method of air movement that will quietly deliver a steady, directional pattern of airflow capable of creating a long-lasting cooling effect.For enhanced cooling coverage, the FC-250AD air circulator includes a 360° positioning stand that allows for a precision cooling capability. This ventilator utility fan also features 2 on-board power receptacles that allows for additional units or other low amp electronics to be used conjunctively on the same circuit. The compact footprint occupies little space and features the capability of multiple units being securely stacked atop each other.

  • Dimensions : 17.3"L x 15.4"W x 8.9"H
  • Volts/Cycle : 115V/60 Hz
  • Rated Airflow : 1560 CFM
  • Speeds : Variable Speed
  • RPM : 1700/250
  • Unit Weight : 10.8lbs
  • Operating Positions : 360°
  • Cord Length : 10 ft
  • Housing : PP
  • Stackable : Yes
  • Warranty : 1 Year Limited