My Medic 10 Essentials Kit First Aid Kit

$308.78 Each
Order 5+ and save $6.18 Each

Multifunctional drybag packed with first aid and emergency supplies designed in accordance with the National Park Service 10 Essential first aid categories. Waterproof, durable, and doubles as a floatation device.Modular organization complete with over 110 quality life-saving products.Comfortable shoulder straps and external water bottle pockets.

Space blanket, sunscreen, lightstick, paracord, emergency waterbottle, Emergency Pressure Bandage, Super bivy, Hiker Medpack, Stay alive guide, Epic Massive wipe, Multi-tool, Super tape, Lifestraw, Emergency Water 4, aquatabs 4, Energy bar, Emergency food ration, fire starter 2, waterproof matches, headlamp, sungalsses, compass, emergency poncho, hand warmers

  • Quantity : 1 Each
  • Size : 23.3 x 14.1 x 5
  • Material : Cordura Nylon
  • Color : Black